Enlite POS
Trial Store Training

In little time, you can become knowledgeable about how to use Enlite POS. Follow the videos below to get started.

Enlite POS Home Screen

Learn the key area modules on the Enlite POS home screen.

Please note that your cleaners home screen may change based on your store’s configurations.

Talk with a product specialist to learn more about customizing the home screen.


Customer Walk-In

Start here to create a ticket for a customer.



Enter the storage location of clean and ready items.


Pick & Pay

Finish up here when customers pick up and pay for their orders.


Back Office

Tools to research or edit tickets, manage routes, run reports, manage store settings, and more.


Pickup and Delivery

Manage all of your route orders.



SMS or Email messages or promotions to all or specific groups of customers.

Enlite Training Videos

To quickly get started with Enlite POS, we recommend the videos below.

You will learn how to manage steps from creating a customer to when customers pay.

For additional training, you can schedule a free training session with a product specialist.

Customer Search

You can quickly find a customer by searching using:

  • last 4 digits of the phone number
  • first or last name
  • company name
  • ticket/invoice
  • barcode
  • email address

In this video, you will learn how to use these different options in the search field.

Detailing Invoices

The detailing invoice screen is customizable to your unique business. 

In this video you will see how to create an invoice quickly.

Special instructions, notes and descriptions allow you to write up invoices that are detailed enough so that the information is clear and easy to understand for both your staff and customers.

Printed Documents

A sample of the different types of invoices and receipts can be viewed in this video.

During the set-up process for your store(s), you will be sent a form that will help you make decisions on how you would like to customize your documents.

You have the ability to add your logo, change font size, add a message and other types of customization options.


The location of where your finished orders are stored can be described specifically to your store/plant’s organizational system. Once all the invoices in an order are complete for a customer, a notification is sent via SMS or email. A list of orders both completed and not ready can be viewed easily with a click of a button.

Pick & Pay Fundamentals

The “Pick & Pay” screen in the customer account will list all the open orders, the status, store credit or discounts and amount due. This video will give you an overview of this Pick & Pay screen.

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