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Benefits of the Enlite Reseller Program

As a reseller, you will have the tools and support to create a profitable sales channel with Enlite POS.

Geographic Exclusivity

Only one reseller per geographic area.

Simple, Profitable Business Model

Our model is focused on your business growth.

Competitive End-User Pricing

Earn a healthy margin on every sale.

Channel Focused

We don’t compete with our resellers.

Sales & Marketing Support

Support designed to help you drive more sales.

Demonstration Licenses

Not-for-resale licenses available for demonstations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about our programs.

If you are a legitimate business, you can apply to join one of our programs. Our existing members include hardware specialists, consultants, payment processors, and more.

Yes, upon approval each Partner or Referrer, must sign an agreement in order to officially to sell Dark POS products.

No, Dark POS  does not levy a membership charge on its partners or referrals.

We offer two kinds of partnerships—referral and partner.

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