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Dry Cleaning Mobile App for Customers

With the prevalence of mobile phones, the accessibility and convenience of a mobile app has become a customer expectation rather than an optional amenity. With Enlite POS a mobile app for your customers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Unprecedented access to orders

With your Enlite POS customer Mobile App, bring your Drycleaner to your customers with unparalleled access to your services from their mobile device. Your customers can now:

  • View their open and past orders. Your customers can access current and prior orders, and review order details such as the items that made up the order.
  • Receive push notifications regarding order status. Customers no longer need to wonder what is the status of their items. The Enlite mobile app easily shows them exactly where their items are in your process.
  • Pay for orders directly on the app. With the Enlite mobile app your customers can conveniently pay for their orders on their mobile device. We support a growing number of online payment providers so you can give your customer the freedom and choice they deserve.



Share promos and discounts with your customers

one values your promos and discounts more than your existing customers. The Enlite mobile app provides a platform for you to put this valued information directly in their hands.

Before placing an order, your customers can quickly access and review all the special pricing available to them.

A quick scan in-store of the QR code directly from their phone adds the discount to their order.

Remain their drycleaner of choice by offering customers a simple and effective way to save some of their hard-earned money with you.

Easy access to one or multiple stores

The Enlite customer mobile app doesn’t limit you or your customers to a single store. Allow your customers to choose which location is most convenient for them at any given time.

Customers can select from your Drycleaner locations and access all the services the mobile app brings for each one. Whether it’s reviewing orders, paying them or viewing promotions, no matter which of your Drycleaner locations, Enlite POS has you covered.



Make it your own

The Enlite POS customer mobile app is a white label product. Change the colors, add your logo and make it completely yours. Contact us to see how we can customize the colors and look of the application so that your customers can identify you.

The app will be listed in the Android and iTunes stores under your name. Dark POS will take care of the entire process for you so that you can deliver your branded app to your customers. Contact us today to find out how.