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Features to Help Grow Your Dry Cleaning Business


Process a customer in less than 20 seconds

Easy to learn

Teach your employee in 30 minutes or less


The right solution for Single or Multiple Stores


Online or Remote. We are ready to help

Loyalty Programs

Keep customers engaged with a variety of loyalty programs

Fully Customizable

Setup Enlite POS according to your business needs

The Enlite impact on our customers.

I have owned my drycleaner for 15 years and this is the most user friendly software I have had.When I researched different POS systems this one definitely stood out from the rest. It is easy for most people to pick up quickly.

5/5 Review on Capterra.com

Tracy BurickOwner

I recommend this product to anyone that’s In the dry cleaning business. The system is very easy to use and comes with all the tools necessary to operate the dry cleaning process successfully.

5/5 Review on Capterra.com

Uriel HerreraOwner

I like the software works great, had an issue with the printer but they came right out and fixed it. Very easy to use I like that. Only been using Enlite for 9 months and so far its great.

5/5 Review on Capterra.com

J BroderCo-Owner
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