The Right Way to
Upselling Dry Cleaning Customers

Upselling your customers is a great way to increase revenue. But there is a right way to do it.

Upselling Dry Cleaning Customers: How to Increase Profits from Every Dry-Cleaning Transaction

In the sales industry, there is a concept called “upselling.” This is a technique where you attempt to sell more expensive products or make larger sales to an already-purchasing customer. Essentially, you attempt to earn more profit from a transaction.

In auto sales, upselling might include rust protection or an extended warranty. If someone buys an office desk, a savvy salesperson might upsell office chairs or a desk lamp. Quite frankly, there is no industry that can’t include upselling, and dry cleaning is no different.

So how can you upsell to your customers? Creating a strategy and following through is actually quite simple…

Add Complimentary Value When Upselling

This is also called “cross-selling,” but it basically means that you are not selling more of the same products or service at a higher price, but selling a different product or service that complements the original.

In dry cleaning, this could come in the form of discounts for cleaning both a woman’s formal dress and a man’s suit. These two complement each other, and many customers who bring in one may need cleaning for the other. If you think creatively, you can likely come up with many opportunities to upsell complementary products or services.

Sell Services Before the Cleaning

Before fast-food chains finalize an order, they inevitably ask if you want to increase the size of your meal or purchase a dessert. There’s a reason successful restaurants have used this practice for decades: it works!

If you are starting to upsell, make the initial purchase your top focus and stick to services. When a customer brings in items for cleaning, ask if the garment needs any repairs; you just might add another $50 to the transaction. If you receive a sweater, ask if it needs to be depilled; if you receive a jacket, ask if it needs weather protection. Adding these small services to the ticket can significantly increase sales.

Stick to 25% of the Total Sale or Less

It can be hard to decide on a specific number for upselling. How much is too much? A good rule is to stick to 25% of the original sale or less. Let’s say you are offering discounted repair services for a garment. To keep it simple, we’ll assume the dry cleaning is a flat $100. In that case, the price of your discounted services should be $25 or less. Going too far above the original sales price will keep customers from saying “yes please” to your added services.

Sell Physical Products After Cleaning

When the customer dropped off the clothing, we focused on selling additional services. Now that your customer has their cleaned garment, you can add value by selling physical products, such as lint rollers, stain removers, or static removers. These products are related to clean clothing, and they are things the customer can take home with them. Once again, you’ll add value to each and every sale by offering small products before the customer walks out your door.

With these tips, you’ll increase the average profit from every customer while increasing the value and benefit of your store!

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