6 Mutiny Free Tips That Can
Improve Employee Productivity

We all want productive employees, but how can we do it without damaging employee morale?

Tips for Improving Employee Productivity While Maintaining Morale

We all want productive employees, as it can help increase our profits and make our dry-cleaning businesses more successful.

However, we don’t want to become a hard-nosed manager who destroys company morale and sends employees running for a different job. With these tips, you can have better employee productivity while maintaining a happy, enthusiastic staff.

Maintain and Repair (or Replace) Equipment

It’s hard for anyone in the dry-cleaning industry to work efficiently when they are dealing with poor equipment and outdated technology. Make sure your employees actually have the chance to be productive by constantly maintaining, repairing, and updating your equipment.

Routine inspections of equipment, as well as parts replacement, should be a part of your monthly schedule. If you find that any machines are hindering employee performance, do them a favor and have it replaced immediately.

Set Measurable Benchmarks

While your employees may not be sales personnel, you can still set benchmarks for gauging their overall performance. Certain benchmarks can include the number of garments that have been completed or the total time used for each task.

It might seem that setting benchmarks would harm morale, but it can actually give the employees a clear guide of where they stand and what they need to do to succeed. In the long run, this can actually improve morale.

Provide Incentives

Few dry cleaners can afford to give out even $100 in employee bonuses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide at least some small incentives for meeting specific benchmarks.

If your employees reach their goals, or if they’re simply doing a great job, a small pizza party, a gift card to a restaurant, or a couple of tickets to the movies goes a long way towards keeping the staff motivated.

Create a Company Wellness Program

According to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, a survey found that 90% of managers say a wellness program can enhance productivity. While specific theories abound, it’s commonly believed that employees who exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep (you know, maintaining wellness!) have sharper minds, more energy, and greater enthusiasm for their work.

As a dry-cleaning business, you likely can’t install a company gym and salad bar, but you can implement wellness education. You could also help with the cost of gym membership or other expenses related to well-being, such as yoga classes or equipment purchases.

Avoid Micro-Management

No one likes to be micro-managed. You might feel that if you’re not overseeing every detail of the business, the building will certainly collapse. Don’t worry! If you have properly trained your employees, they’ll be fully capable of handling the job for themselves.

Giving people greater freedom over how they work can create better efficiencies while building greater pride among the employees.

Allow for Breaks, Time Off, Vacations

There are lots of articles written about the importance of breaks for greater productivity, but we’re going straight to the source. One scientific study from the University of Connecticut found that computer operators who were given frequent short breaks from continuous work had better productivity and well-being.

There are other studies, but you don’t have to look hard for the beneficial results of frequent breaks, as you’ll likely see it in the productivity of your own employees.

Implement these tips and you’ll have efficient employees who are happy to come to work!

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