5 Tips to Improve Your Dry Cleaner Operations

Are you maximizing efficiencies in your dry cleaning business? Follow these tips to operate a smoother more efficient operation.

Is Your Dry Cleaner Running Efficiently? 5 Tips to Improve Operations

In every business, efficiency matters.

But in the dry-cleaning business, where profits are razor thin and there is almost no margin for error, efficiency is paramount.

Even if you run one of the most efficient dry cleaners in the country, you can always improve. Use these ideas to reduce drag and increase the efficiency at your dry cleaner!

How to Improve Dry Cleaner Operations

Don’t let inefficiencies in your dry cleaner operations keep you from winning the race.

Utilize the 80/20 Principle

As we previously wrote about in our blog, the 80/20 principle is a technique for maximizing efficiency and getting the best results from the lightest efforts. The principle holds that you get 80% of your earnings from 20% of your effort. Review your current operations with this principle in mind and you’ll likely discover areas that can be improved.

For example, you may find that 80% of your income comes from a small demographic of business people. If this is the case, you can target more of these people for better efficiency in marketing and profits.

Use Apps for Customer Contact

Apps on smartphones and other devices can be used to improve your efficiency in many ways, including how you communicate with customers. This is one of the top future trends in the dry cleaning business, and you need to be fully prepared to use dry cleaning mobile apps to enhance efficiency.

You can find top-quality apps that allow you to funnel all of your services and customer contact through your devices, creating better efficiencies for yourself and your staff.

Install a Garment Management System

Tracking hundreds or even thousands of garments is a challenge. To do it efficiently can be virtually impossible. Therefore, you need to install a garment management system that will allow you to track garments with convenience and speed.

Not only will this make the operations process swifter, it will also reduce the chances of errors, which slow your business and grind efficiency to a halt.

Use Performance Benchmarks

To keep your team motivated and on task, you can use performance benchmarks that allow you to see where your staff is excelling and where they need improvements. Benchmarks can include time processing a garment or the number of garments completed in an hour.

Whichever benchmark you choose, be sure to follow through with incentives for meeting goals. This can come in the form of monetary rewards, an afternoon off, or gift cards to area businesses.

Single-Task, Don’t Multitask

Finally, we would encourage you to forget the desire to multitask. Instead, focus all your attention on completing a single task, then move on to the next. You may think you are a great multi-tasker, but by focusing on one at a time, you actually increase your efficiency and improve results.

Encourage your team to do the same and you’ll find that your group is more efficient and effective.

Use these tips and you’ll be able to reduce expenses, lower processing times, and improve the customer experience.

For more information on how a garment management system can increase your company efficiency, contact our staff today!

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