Currently, almost everyone is on at least one social media platform, and unsurprisingly, many businesses have pushed much of their advertising and marketing online. In our post ‘3 Strategies for Dry Cleaners To Survive The Digital Revolution,’ we mentioned that for any dry-cleaning business to thrive, they must ride the waves of technological change. 

In particular, they must embrace digital marketing, optimize mobile technology, and make use of innovative e-commerce tools. In another post, ‘5 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Dry Cleaners’, we also discussed that a whopping 90% of marketers make use of Facebook as an advertising platform. But, do you know how many uses promoted tweets?

Advertising online

Among the numerous social media sites, some surpass others based on the sheer amount of users they have. According to Our World in Data, in 2018, there were over 2.26 billion people on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and 329.5 million on Twitter.

 With over 32% of the world’s population on the platform, Facebook remains the most convenient and guaranteed way to have a wider reach. In our post ‘5 Tips For Marketing Dry Cleaning Business With Facebook Ads’, we talked about how Facebook ads can be utilized to generate growth and increase profitability.

 However, that’s no reason to ignore the other platforms, as other social media sites can also be an avenue for you to raise brand awareness for your dry-cleaning business. In this particular post, we will look into how you can efficiently use Twitter to advertise your business.

Why market on Twitter?

About 6,000 tweets are being tweeted every second, which means that every day, over 500 million tweets are being tweeted. Due to the fast and brief nature of interaction on Twitter, growing your brand is made possible, even with just a single word. 

The use of hashtags and keywords allows for a more targeted advertisement. Compared to other platforms, placing ads on Twitter is also relatively cheaper.

 According to an article on Medium, because Twitter does not distinguish among companies, personal accounts, celebrities, or well-known people forming a bond; hence, communicating and networking is also easier. With this, you can effectively grow your influence and brush elbows with people who can help you.

Tips on marketing on Twitter

Given all the fantastic benefits that marketing on Twitter brings, here are some tips on how you can use Twitter as a marketing platform in the most optimal way.

1. Build your twitter profile

In any social media site, everyone is represented by their profile. Hence, creating your business’ profile is a crucial step in marketing on Twitter. Your username will be your Twitter handle, so in making it, go for a unique and catchy one that will represent your business’s name. The same thing goes for your profile photo, bio, header image, and pinned tweet.

2. Be active

Due to the sheer amount of tweets generated per day, post on Twitter may have less visibility than they do on Facebook. As such, the key to staying relevant is by being an active Twitter user. According to Practical Ecommerce, you can do this by 

  • tweeting short tweets often,
  • by interacting and responding to tweets about your business.
  • You can also retweet and mention others,
  • as well as follow relevant users and share mentions.

One underrated feature of Twitter that you can use in marketing is direct messaging. 

Through direct messages, you can give potential customers the option to directly contact you, which can stimulate conversations and build connections.

Forbes project that by 2021 one million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks per second

3. Be creative and controversial

Business News Daily claims the most successful tweets are the creative and controversial ones that can stir attention from tons of users. Users often ignore tweets that are plainly promotional and boring, so in using Twitter for your business, be wary of voice, tone, and subject in each tweet. Some creative ways to get people more engaged are tweeting twitter polls, tapping into trending topics, asking for feedback, and running contests.

4. Go with visuals

Tweets are usually just text. However, looking through texts for a long time can grow tiresome. Luckily, you can attach images and videos to your tweets. These types of tweets are, more often than not, able to get more engagement than just plain ones. Statistics on Maryville University detail that in as early as 2016, 60% of all global mobile traffic was already being attributed to mobile video, and this number has only continued to grow. Forbes project that by 2021, about one million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks per second. Relevant images and videos will make your tweet stand out by grabbing the attention of users as they scroll through the platform.

5. Create a content strategy

Like in any digital marketing plan, a strategy must be devised to ensure that the business will be able to get the most out of it. Since marketing is happening online, you are heavily reliant on content. A content strategy will help you make sure that everything you tweet is not only engaging but also something that your audience will find value in. In doing a twitter marketing strategy, set well-defined goals such as building brand awareness or increasing sales.

Of course, making all the work you put into twitter worth it, is to see it as a complement for a strong online marketing strategy. You need to do research to know who is your target audience. Then, use email marketing, keep other social networks updated with relevant and engaging content.

Don’t forget to name your digital media accounts when you use traditional marketing such as flyers! You never know where and who can end up with that flyer!

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