Are you a creature of habit? Many highly successful people are. Being a creature of habit embodies a proven axiom: Success rewards repetition and consistency. Many highly successful people use repetition and consistency to achieve success. So do many highly successful dry cleaners.

That’s good news. It means you can adopt this approach e so you can achieve more success yourself. Savvy dry cleaners also share many other common habits with highly successful people—some of which aren’t what you think. Many habits are mundane habits and not at all what people expect.

9 unexpected habits that have helped dry cleaners boost business at their storefronts and achieve personal success.

Do you have any of them?

Revisit the basics

Every industry is unique. But one thing they all have are the “basics,” like providing good customer service. Successful people focus on the basics of their business—the things that made them successful in the first place. Simplify and refine these things at your dry cleaners. In other words, don’t lose sight of the core of what you do.

Trim business expenses

Working on cutting expenses at your dry cleaners. Successful rein in their expenses all the time. Review your daily expenditures. How can you cut expenses at your dry cleaners? By cutting expenses, you’ll have funds to invest in things that can dramatically help your business, like technology.

Make use of technology

The right technology can help boost business. It can increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. It can also help you provide an epic customer experience. A good POS software system, for example with the right features, like routing and delivery or mobile apps, can dramatically impact your business.

Invite feedback

Many business owners and managers ignore customer feedback, especially if it’s critical. Instead, ask for feedback. Listen to what customers say and make a note of it. Then weigh their statements carefully. It might be merited. Now decide if it’s something will propel you to make changes. Make them, if necessary.

Take a balanced approach

Like many successful managers or owners, you work hard at running your dry cleaners. That’s to your credit. But you also need to take time away from your business. Make time for doing things you like to do, like playing golf or going to the beach. Above all, make time for your family. Taking a balanced approach recharges your batteries.

Unplug from your devices

If you’re like most dry cleaners, you probably have a smartphone and/or a tablet. You may even have a laptop. Having these devices means you’re always plugged into the digital world. Take some time off from these devices. Take walks on the beach or some other place that’s calm and peaceful and away from your devices.

Exercise as often as you can

Successful business people are more than just mentally fit, many are often physically fit as well. Exercising is critical to your well-being. Try to do something physical every day, like taking a walk or a spin class. Tai Chi and Yoga also make for good workouts. Exercise helps clear your mind so that you’re ready to take on the next big challenge. It’s all part of taking a balanced approach to life.

Read about your industry

Take some time after dinner or later in the evening to read about your industry—especially bloggers that cover your industry and discuss how to succeed in it. Reading is a good investment of your time. Knowing the latest trends in the industry can help you run your business better. Also, read about what’s happening in the world as well. You may find some trends that can help your business grow.

Pick three things to do every day

Running a dry-cleaning business or a chain of them is a challenge. At times, it can be overwhelming, with the work seeming never-ending. To regain control of your business, pick three things to do every day and get them done. Do them in the morning. That way whatever happens the rest of the day, you know you got those things done. Focus on things that make an impact on your business.

Incorporate one, two, or all of these habits in your daily life. They can help you boost business at your dry cleaner and achieve personal success. Start small to achieve meaningful wins, then move on.

Small wins can create the momentum for more bigger wins. This effort can drive significant change in your business and your personal life.

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