Owning a dry-cleaning business is a challenge. No doubt about it. If you own (or manage) one, you know what we mean. It takes dedication, discipline, and hard work to squeeze out a profit from a retail business these days—even in a booming economy.

So if you’re like most managers and owners of dry cleaners, you’re always looking for new revenue streams to boost profitability at your storefront. Becoming a POS software system reseller can generate the additional revenues you need to boost profitability.

POS reseller programs have additional benefits as well. They expand your brand, create customer stickiness, and help attract new customers. In addition, they save the time, money, and headache of developing your own POS software solution.

With the right reseller program, you could even evolve into a business advisor. That would put you in the ideal position to coach others on how to get the most from their POS software system. It would also boost revenues.

Not All Reseller Programs are Equal

Not all POS reseller programs are equal. So you need to do your homework to pick one that’s right for you. Below are seven critical components you should be looking for in a good POS reseller program:

Robust POS software system

This component is a no-brainer. Look for a POS system that’s easy to use, provides exceptional customer value, and has advanced features, like routing and delivery or mobility that can help you grow. You also want a Cloud-based POS system. Cloud-based systems are more cost-effective than non-cloud-based systems and are in keeping with the latest software trends in the industry.

Partner that supports your growth

Growth is a critical goal for every business. So look for a partner that supports that goal, generates new opportunities for you, and is committed to its resellers’ welfare. You also want a partner that works closely with its resellers when problems arise and differentiates its brand from competitors’.

Lead generation and distribution

Leads are the lifeblood of a good sales program. Look for a company that provides qualified leads directly to you and helps you generate a healthy margin on every sale. Also look for a vendor that offers geographic exclusivity. That way, you’re not competing with other resellers for business in your area.

Sales and marketing support

Partnering with a company that provides a great product or service is only half the battle. The other half is promoting that product or service to potential customers. In other words, look for a partner that provides full sales and marketing support using both outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Also look for a vendor that features not-for-sale licenses for demonstrations.

Ongoing support and training

Even the best POS systems require technical training and support at some point. So make sure the vendor you partner with provides the kind of technical assistance that helps overcome technical challenges. You also want a partner that helps with the onboarding process. That saves time and money for everyone.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing is critical in today’s business environments. You want price point that customers see as providing a good value when compared to competitors’ pricing yet still produces a healthy profit for you. On the downside, competitive pricing means you’ll have to attract customers in other ways, which compels vendors to have good sales and marketing support.

Equitable program for the channel

As a reseller, you’ll have specific needs. So look for a well-thought-out channel program that shows an understanding of resellers’ needs. Review how the vendor organizes itself and operates to motivate and reward resellers. Also look at its corporate policies, the vendor’s stated channel goals and policies, and the reseller compensation plans. In short, look for a vendor that has an equitable channel program.

The components mentioned above are critical to an effective reseller program—one that drives profits for you and your company. Put another way, you want a partner that’s a market leader and offers comprehensive reseller program—one that will work closely with you to resolve issues and support you throughout your relationship.

More importantly, you want a partner that will not only boost profits at your dry-cleaners but will evolve with you as you grow and change.

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