Keys To Finding The Best Point-Of-Sale System For Your Business

If you’re familiar with the wide range of benefits that a point-of-sale system can provide, you’re probably ready to investigate POS further. You are about to discover that there are hundreds of options available, from hundreds of providers.

Even with reliable help just a few keystrokes away, it’s good to think through the key features and options that might be most important for your business, and your business goals.

You may run a food truck that’s growing in popularity around town. You may be opening your second car wash with further plans for expansion in the next year. You may have just decided it’s finally time to open your clothing boutique. All three businesses can operate more efficiently with a POS system, but specific solutions for each might look dramatically different.

As you investigate solutions for your business, it’s best to think through the following areas first:

Ease of Use

You will want to make sure that powerful POS features are matched with ease of use. The right balance will vary from business to business, but you will want to ensure that your employees will be comfortable with the system and able to use it correctly with minimal training. You also want to ensure your comfort level with back-office features and functionality.


The expansion is on the mind of many small business owners. If you fall into that group, it is imperative to have a POS system that is ready to grow with you. Your business’ multiple locations can operate together through a connected system, meaning managers can communicate about inventory and you can oversee all of your stores from a centralized location. Even if you’re starting small with hopes of growing big, the right POS system will have the functionality to expand as you do.


Cybersecurity has become a top priority in all industries. Your critical business information is at stake, as well as private information from your customers. Current POS systems feature the latest in encryption technology, maximizing the security of payments and business data.


One of the smallest, yet most important details of your business is one that comes into play with every transaction you process – determining sales tax. A quality POS system is automatically equipped with the ability to calculate sales tax, something that can change without you knowing. And if you do operate at multiple locations, never fear – varying sales taxes can be accommodated and calculated into your transactions.

Industry-Specific Features

POS systems have been around long enough that their designers have been able to understand that certain industries require more detailed features than others. For instance, a restaurant will need a more intricate staffing system than a boutique, and better inventory management software, too. Specific systems have been designed for other industries, including bars, retail stores, auto services, salons, and many more.

Technical Support

Even the easiest systems to operate will experience technical issues from time to time. Installing your POS system is one thing, but making sure that you have a dependable team ready to assist you will keep your business operating smoothly in the long run.

Keeping these key areas in mind will be helpful as you work with a trusted reseller to design the right Point-Of-Sale system and deliver the right business intelligence to meet your needs.

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