Looking for a quick and easy way to marketing dry cleaning business or laundry service?

Try Facebook ads.

They’re not only a surefire way to reach local customers, but also a cost-effective business tool that helps you zero in on your target audience.

Plus, they provide a substantial return on investment.

FB ads are ideal for local businesses. Facebook Ads done right, will drive customers to your storefront and increase profitability.

In other words, they deliver.

FB Ads Make Every Penny Count

Facebook advertising is re-shaping local advertising. That’s because FB has had made significant changes to its platform since 2004.

Those changes include a host of targeting options that help you pinpoint—and reach—your target audience—options like Lookalike Audiences, Dark Posts, and retargeting ads.

These tools not only help you target people physically near your business but also reach people that live near you—all thanks to the personal information of users in FB’s database.

The tools also help you make every penny of your marketing budget count. You’d be surprised how far $5 can go with Facebook advertising.

In fact, FB ads helped one company grow their local business by 40% in 3 months, while another generated $45,000 in revenue with only $250 spent.

While every business is unique, these numbers give you a good idea of just how much of an impact Facebook advertising can make.

Steps to Creating Facebook Ads

FB run on the same pay-per-click/pay-per-impressions approach as most online ads. So there’s no reason for you to be intimidated by them.

You just need a systematized way of implementing this promotional strategy. Below are five critical steps you can use as a guide to the advantage of this powerful yet proven social media marketing platform:

  • Target the right audience
  • Give people a reason to click on ads
  • Optimize Facebook ads with testing
  • Track Facebook advertising results
  • Follow-up on respondents to ads

A simple coupon ad combined with an email drip campaign, for example, can help keep you stay top-of-mind with local customers and drive more business to your storefront without costing an arm and a leg.

You could also use a FB ad to promote a new service, such as home pickup and delivery, and provide a coupon for first-time users.

Facebook Advertising Not A Silver Bullet

Facebook advertising isn’t a silver bullet. It won’t solve all your organization’s problems. Plus, Facebook ads aren’t all black and white.

But if you have a solid strategy in place and you approach FB ads with the right intention, your advertising should produce results.

Also, Facebook ads are passive. In other words, buyers get them when they’re not in a buying mood. So trying to sell a product directly using a FB ad is challenging.

However, if you’re trying to increase brand awareness and social exposure or capture and nurture leads, FB marketing could be just what the doctor ordered.

Simple Tips on Facebook Advertising

If you’re like the other 27 million small business owners out there, you need to spend your marketing budget wisely. FB ads let you do that.

Below are some simple FB advertising tips to help you do that

  • Set clear objectives for your campaign.
  • Make a clear offer to your audience
  • Know who your ideal customer is
  • Provide an incentive like a giveaway
  • Create a sense of urgency with your advertising
  • Use limited time offers when you can
  • Appeal to local customers with education marketing

Executing the last tips might not always be possible. But when you can do it, it’s a powerful way to generate new customers and get formers customers to return.

Measuring the ROI of FB advertising

The success of an FB advertising campaign is better measured by something called Social ROI than traditional ROI. With FB ads, you measure ROI by how well your target audience engaged with your ads.

Metrics that will be key in this process include:


How many times your add was looked at


Number of people ad was shown to


Number of people that like your ad


Number of people that saw your ad and shared it


Amount of comments on your ad


Number of times your ad was shown, on average, to a user

Click Through Rate

Percentage at which a consumer saw the ad and click through to the landing page

Pages Likes

Number of likes generated for your FB page because of the ad

Using real-time analytics like these tells you exactly how your ads are performing. If it’s not performing the way you want, you can make adjustments on the fly.

Setting up a Facebook advertising account is straightforward. Plus, there are plenty of material out there that will tell you how to get started.

If you’re a dry-cleaner with a tight marketing budget, Facebook advertising is the ideal tool to generate growth and increase profitability at your dry-cleaners.

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