Learn How to Choose Your Dry Cleaners’ Equipment with this Quick Guide

Want to blow the doors off other dry-cleaners? Then buy the right dry cleaning equipment. It’s the key to providing epic customer service. That, plus a friendly, helpful attitude, generates repeat business that enhances customer service and boosts profitability.

Providing epic customer also generates word of mouth advertising. That’s the best advertising you can get—bar none. Word of mouth is also the top driver of business growth, according to most experts. All that leads to increasing profits.

But buying the right equipment can be a challenge. To do it right, you first need to know what you need. Then you need to make some tough decisions—decisions based on sound judgment and detailed planning.

Below we list the key equipment you’ll need create a topflight dry-cleaning business:

The Right Equipment Pays for Itself

Buying dry-cleaning equipment that’s fast, efficient, and easy to use pays for itself in short order. Among other things, it slashes maintenance costs and equipment downtime—both of which cost you dearly.

Here’s a list the major pieces of dry-cleaning equipment you’ll want:

  • Front-loading commercial washers with advanced features
  • Heavy duty commercial dryers with moisture sensors
  • Commercial steamers with detachable brushes
  • Electric or gas-driven commercial steam boilers
  • Presses for pressing dress materials (gowns, jeans, uniforms)

Other equipment you’ll need includes

If you’re concerned about hurting the environment with dry cleaning chemicals, you can go green. That can not only protect the environment but also cuts costs and boosts profits.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with POS Software

Another way to boost profits and customer and service is with a point-of-sale software solution. Today’s customers want what they want it when they want it, and how they want it. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll bolt.

POS software helps you compete in today’s hotly contested business environment.  POS software boosts customer service, streamlines operations, and cuts costs.

Key features in a POS system include:

  • Point of sale functionality (heart and soul of POS system)
  • Billing/Invoicing capabilities (makes or breaks POS solution)
  • Customer relationship management tools (brings you closer to customers)
  • Mobility marketing capabilities (critical for reaching today’s customers)
  • Management features (must integrate with other apps)
  • Routing/Delivery capabilities (helps boost profitability)

This short list isn’t exhaustive. Nor was it meant to be. But the features listed above will help you navigate an uncertain environment.

More important, the right feature in a POS system can help you maintain control of your business. Plus, it lets you spend more time helping customers—where your time is best spent.

Leasing or Buying: Which Works Best for You

Once you’ve developed a list of equipment you need, you must decide whether to buy or lease the items. Both leasing and buying equipment have their pros and cons.

Leasing equipment is cost-effective. It works well when starting a business since most startups lack working capital.

But leasing doesn’t work in every case. So, sit down with your accountant or financial person to determine which option works best for you.

Having the right equipment as a dry-cleaner is critical to success. It lets you deliver quality dry-cleaning and epic customer service every time.

Doing those things can help you blow the doors off of your competitors, boost profits, and enjoy business growth.

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