Learn about the Advantages of Offering a Dry-Cleaning App for Your Customers’ Convenience

It’s no secret that the dry-cleaning industry is facing some challenging times these days. Bankers used to bring in suits all the time.  Churchgoers used to bring in their Sunday best in the fall. And professionals used to bring in formal workwear the year round. Business was good.

Not anymore. Causal workwear, fast fashion, and other clothing trends have made an impact. How much of an impact? Garment-Cleaning revenues dropped from $11 billion in 2010 to $9 billion in 2017, says IBISWorld.

If you own or manage a dry-cleaner and you want to survive long-term, you need to find new ways to increase profits and generate a competitive advantage. Investing in technology in the form of mobile a dry-cleaning app is just what the doctored ordered.

Using the right mobile apps can help you expand your business, boost customer service, and engage customers. That, in turn, can drive profits up significantly. Best of all, today’s apps rapidly pay for themselves.

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps

Some people think mobile apps are strictly for big name brands, like Walgreens or Bank of America. Not so. They work for any business—large or small—that wants to boost profits.

Here are eight ways mobile apps can drive more business:

  • Increase visibility with customers
  • Create a direct marketing channel
  • Boost your value to customers
  • Build brand reputation and recognition
  • Improve customer service and engagement
  • Helps differentiate you from competitors
  • Cultivate customer loyalty

When combined with a point-of-sale software system, like Enlite’s, mobile apps take customer service to the next level, cut operations costs, and boost profits.

Stay Connected with Customers

Mobile apps can help you stay connected with customers where ever they go. It’s like bringing your storefront to customers anywhere anytime. The right mobile app, for example, can even provide customers with in-depth access to your services from their mobile devices, boosting customer experience.

With Enlite’s POS customer mobile app, for example, you can let customers:

  • View their open and past orders as well as review order details, including the items that make up the order.
  • Get push notifications where ever they are and keep them abreast of what’s happening with their items.
  • Pay orders online with their mobile devices using one of several payment providers, giving customers the freedom to choose how they pay their bills.

Enlite’s mobile app also lets you share promotions and discounts with customers. A white label product, the app lets you add your logo to it and change colors to promote your brand.

Streamline Processes, Better Manage Operations

Mobile apps can also help you streamline processes, cut costs, and better manage operations. Enlite’s driver mobile app, for instance, provides powerful routing and delivery capabilities that let you implement pickup delivery services for busy customers. The convenience this service offers customers increases your value to them.

Enlite’s driver app also lets you seamlessly manage routing and delivery activities. You can add customers to routes from multiple screens, set up as many delivery routes as needed, provide a “snapshot” of customers on the route, and determine how many invoices you need to deliver to customers on each run—all while controlling costs.

Looking to boost profits at your dry-cleaning storefront? Then take advantage of the powerful capabilities of today’s mobile apps. When integrated with a robust POS solution like Enlite’s, mobile apps can cut costs, better manage operations, and boost customer service. It can even help enhance customer experience, building brand loyalty.

Do those things and you’ll increase profits and generates a competitive advantage—all while boosting your chances of surviving and thriving well into the future.


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