How to Increase Profits for Dry Cleaning Delivery Business

Follow these tips so you don’t miss a golden opportunity to boost profits for dry cleaning delivery business.

People are busier than ever. It’s a simple fact of life. Most people have more commitments—both personally and professionally— than at any time in history. That leaves them less time to get their errands done, like dropping off their clothes at your dry-cleaning business.

In other words, customers can’t always make it to your storefront—especially if they live in a large metropolitan area and don’t drive. The last thing these customers want to do is haul their laundry on to a bus or subway and schlep all the way across town to your dry-cleaning business.

So, your efforts to market your business to these people may be falling on deaf ears. More importantly, you may be missing a golden opportunity to create epic customer experience, increase customer retention, and boost profitability all at the same time.

Adding Pickup and Delivery Makes Sense

Adding a pickup and delivery service to your dry-cleaning business can help you reach these potential customers efficiently and cost-effectively, increasing revenues, profitability, and customer retention.

But managing customers on a laundry routes can often be confusing and challenging. If you’ve ever done it, you know what I mean.

To do it right, you need to have a solid POS software solution in place, one that’s designed specifically for the dry-cleaning business and has the features to simplify and streamline the pickup and delivery process.

Below we look at how adding a pickup and delivery service benefits you and your clients. We also take a brief look at what features you’ll need in a dry-cleaning POS solution to make managing customers a seamless experience.

A Win-Win for Everyone

Adding pickup and delivery to your dry-cleaning operation services provides customers with several benefits. That’s one reason why more and more customers are taking advantage of dry cleaners that offer this service.

With win-win-win We All Win!

In addition to being convenient, pickup and delivery saves customers time, simplifies their lives, and frees them up to do more important things. Many of your customers work long hours at an all-consuming job or have a hectic family life.  Any time you can save them will be greatly appreciated.

Pickup and delivery service also benefits dry cleaners significantly.  In addition to helping you reach unreachable customers, this service cuts costs, increase efficiency and productivity, enhances customer retention, and expands your target market. It also increases revenues and boosts profitability.

Adding a pickup and delivery service also helps with cash flow. Instead of depending on the whims of your customers, you will know exactly how many customers you have with monthly or weekly route schedule. That boosts cash flow and makes forecasting for your dry-cleaning business easier.

Choosing the Right Features

Finding the right dry-cleaning POS software solution—preferably one that’s cloud-based can be a challenge. Ideally, you’ll want one that offers the right capabilities to make managing customers on your pickup and delivery routes quick, easy, and painless.

Below are three capabilities you’ll want in a dry-cleaning POS solution that can help you manage pickup and delivery to customers smoothly:

  1. Efficient routing and customer management — You’ll want a dry-cleaning POS solution that lets you add customers to routes from multiple screens, set up as many routes as you want, and quickly see which customers are on your routes, their run stop number, and how many invoices are ready to be delivered to each for the current run.
  2. Manifests reporting/updating order status — Look for a POS solution that all of a run’s results reflected in your system. You also want a solution that displays all the invoices applicable to each run, allows you to bulk and assign them status resulting from runs, and lets you view the manifest so you can adjust and optimize where needed.
  3. Driver mobile app — This tool can help you streamline the routing and delivery process. The app should feature
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Real-time updates of the driver’s location along the route as well as the items he has picked up and delivered.
  • Bluetooth printing for tickets and receipts.
  • Receive payments for deliveries, including credit card payments

A dry-cleaning POS software solution with these features can create a seamless experience when managing routes, pickups, and deliveries. More importantly, they can help you get routing and delivery done in much less time, boosting efficiency and productivity.

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your dry-cleaning business from your competitors, increase revenues, and boost profitability, adding pickup and delivery to your dry-cleaning services could be just what the doctor ordered.

Installing the right cloud-based dry-cleaning POS software solution can make adding and managing laundry pickup and delivery painless.

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