6 Must-Have Features in a POS System for Dry Cleaners

To help you pick the right solution, we’ve listed six key features below you’ll want in your solution. These features can help you simplify and streamline operations and generate an epic customer experience.

Admit it. Running a business isn’t easy. Dealing with customers, tracking employee activities, managing day-to-day operations, working on a myriad of other things you must do to operate a business smoothly — these demands can keep you running from pillar to post most days. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Installing a solid POS solution can simplify and streamline things, free you from this frustrating mess, and leave you more time to spend with customers or market your business. Put another way, a POS system for dry cleaners can help you regain control of your business.

The challenge is finding the right POS solution. You want one that fits your needs, saves you time and money, and increases efficiency and productivity. You also want a solution that’s customizable, cloud-based, and provides a good ROI.

Think Critically about Daily Challenges

Your first step in selecting a POS solution is deciding what functionality you need. The key to doing that is to think critically about your daily challenges. Then review the various offerings out, then pick one that matches your needs.

POS System for Dry Cleaners

To help you pick the right solution, we’ve listed six key features below you’ll want in your solution. These features can help you simplify and streamline operations and generate an epic customer experience:

  1. Point of Sale functionality — Point of sale functionality is the heart and soul of a POS solution. You don’t want anything going wrong at checkout and holding up customers. You also don’t want any mistakes. Key functionality to look for includes barcode scanning, receipt printing, accelerated transaction processing, automated product identification and automated price calculation.
  2. Billing/Invoicing — Billing/invoicing functionality can make or break a good POS solution. Look for a POS solution that lets you display the exact information customers want on their invoices, like a history of previous payments. You also want a solution with an intuitive customer action screen, quick search and print capabilities, and the ability to print out or email invoices.
  3. Customer Relationship Management — Good CRM tools can help you boost the quality of your customers, collect historical data on consumers, identify key customers, and provide transparency. Ideally, you want a POS system that also lets you quickly set up a loyalty program, create and deliver coupons via smartphones, and lists promotions publicly, as well as send offers to everyone or just specific customers and track coupon usage.
  4. Dry Cleaning Marketing Software on Mobile PhoneMarketing/mobility — Marketing capabilities are a critical tool for reaching customers. But you also want a solution that features powerful mobility app. That lets you can connect with your customers wherever they are. Makes sure the app provides customers easy access to all your services, so they can:
    • Viewing open and past orders
    • Receive push notifications on order status
    • Pay for orders directly on the app
    • Access and view discounts and promos
    • Allows for fast in-store scanning of QR code
    • Provides easy access to one or more stores

    Good mobility capabilities can boost your shop’s customer experience dramatically, taking it from good to great.

  5. Management functionality — POS solutions can help you manage inventory efficiently, conduct operations productively, and execute basic bookkeeping functions. But you also want a solution that integrates with other popular apps, like QuickBooks and Xero, so you can streamline processes instead of dealing with data silos.The solution should also integrate with key social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and let you migrate customer information to popular marketing apps, like Salesforce and Survey Monkey, so you can run promotional campaigns efficiently and efficiently.
  1. Routing/Delivery — Good routing and delivery capabilities can help you retain customers. So, look for a POS solution with robust routing and delivery functionality, such as allowing you to set up the routes you need and quickly see what customers are on them. You also want a POS solution that tracks each run and lets you view reports on results. That way you can adjust and optimize routing and delivery.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. There may be other features you need in a POS solution not listed here. Add them to the list. Then prioritize your needs.

Once you’ve done that, you can start reviewing the various offerings out there. Review them carefully, then create a short list of candidates. Match these up against each other to see how well they’ll help you handle your daily challenges. Then make your selection.

Choosing the right POS solution can help you regain control of your business and leave you time to do things that can take your company to the next level.

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