Create a Better Dry Cleaning Staff with Management Tips

More art than science, creating a hard-working, motivated staff can be tough, but with these simple tips, you’ll become a better manager for your dry cleaning staff.

Managing time, money, and resources is simple.  At least when compared to managing people!

More art than science, creating a hard-working, motivated staff can be tough, but with these simple tips, you’ll become a better manager for your team.

Good management reduces employee turnover and can even increase productivity, so use these tips for a more successful dry cleaner!

Don’t Rush the Hiring Process

First and foremost, if you’re going to be a good manager, you have to hire the right people, and this means taking your time and conducting thorough interviews, even for positions that might seem small and unimportant. It’s your business and your livelihood, so there are no unimportant positions!

Most managers agree that one interview is not enough for your hiring. Instead, you need to conduct at least two interview to fully understand the person you want to hire. If, after multiple interviews, the right person doesn’t come up, keep searching instead of hiring the wrong person just to fill the position.

Communicate More

Many business owners don’t communicate enough with their staff. Employees can’t read your mind, and it can be difficult for them to understand your expectations if you don’t communicate effectively. When in doubt, choose to over-communicate, as your employees will appreciate the effort far more than if you communicate too little.

When communicating, be sure to provide clear direction on what employees can do to meet your expectations.

Remember to Listen

Communication is a two-way street, so you can’t just talk; you also have to listen. Employees may have valuable input on changes that can help improve your business, so you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.

The final say is yours, but don’t be afraid to seek the input of employees. Not only can this provide innovative direction, it can also help improve morale among your team.

Create Goals and Provide Incentives

Some bosses assume a base wage is enough to motivate people. That’s rarely true. People need to be motivated to go above and beyond basic expectations, and you can provide that motivation by creating goals and offering incentives for meeting these goals.

For example, you could set a goal of meeting a specific number of garments processed in an hour or a day, and if employees meet this goal, they receive a gift card or a half day of PTO. Get creative with your incentives and you will create highly-motivated employees.

Pay Your People Well

Finally, if you want to be a good manager, be willing to pay your staff well. Show people that you honestly care for their work and value them as employees by giving them a quality wage or salary. We understand that profits are narrow in the dry-cleaning industry, but by paying people well, you establish the foundation for a staff that works hard, one that is proud to have you as their manager!

If you use these tips, you can increase your chances of a successful dry cleaner. With Enlite POS, you can also have a garment-management system that is easy to implement and simple to learn. Contact us today to learn more about Enlite POS and the LARA hanger system.

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