LARA: World’s Fastest Dry Cleaning Assembly System

Fastest Dry Cleaning Assembly

Dry cleaners all over the world would agree that one of the most complex problems facing laundry businesses in identifying and ordering the garments before returning them. This process, known as assembly, is time-consuming and requires considerable workforce if an automated conveyor is not available. Until now, those have been the two options used in dry cleaners: a primary manual assembly with a tag printer, which takes a lot of time, or an expensive automated conveyor, which can cost up to $30,000.

That’s why Dark POS has developed LARA (LED Assisted Rapid Assembly). LARA is the latest innovation in the dry cleaning business, which offers an affordable solution to make assembly more comfortable and faster.

How it Works

Dry cleaners are encouraged to use either pre-printed barcode roles (single use) or heat seal tags (multi-use) to track their customers’ orders.  Using a heat seal printer, dry cleaners can easily add a barcode to their customers’ clothes which typically last up to 500 washes.

LARA is compromised of both software and hardware components tailored for the dry cleaning industry.  Using Enlite POS, dry cleaners need only scan a garment once it has been cleaned and a LED assembly hanger will light up to show where the clothes should be hung.  Enlite POS automatically lights up different LED hooks to organize and assemble orders.

Some of the advantages of using this system are:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Simplifies operations
  • Reduces process times and labor cost
  • Reduces human error
  • It is modular and expandable, depending on needs and business’s growth
  • Reduces the space needed for order assembly
  • Easy to use and to train staff on the use of the system

If you would like to have an Enlite POS demo or learn more about how Dark POS can improve your business, contact us at [email protected] or calling +1 404-996-0336 (US) or +44 203-807-4601 (UK).

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