5 Ideas to Increase Your
Dry Cleaning Business Profits

Use these tips to create a more profitable dry cleaning business.

How to Make Your Dry-Cleaning Stores More Profitable

In the dry-cleaning business, profit margins can be razor thin.

With maintenance, equipment, cleaning supplies, and payroll, you need to keep overhead low and maximize revenue from every customer.

With these tips, you can establish an efficient, cost-effective business that keeps customers coming back again and again…

Flawless Interiors

While outright perfection may be unrealistic, you should set your sights on spotlessly-clean interiors. You are a dry cleaner after all, so having gorgeous interiors helps send the message that you genuinely care about delivering quality and detail in everything you do, from maintaining the lobby to dry cleaning an expensive suit.

Consider remodeling your interior roughly once every five years and be sure to maintain a high-quality air conditioning system so your customers are comfortable despite the steam and heat from your machines.

Communicate and Advertise Other Services (aka “Up-Sell”)

In sales, there is a concept called “up-selling,” in which you guide a customer to purchase upgrades or add-ons. In auto sales, for example, it might work like this: if the customer is purchasing a new truck, a good sales associate will up-sell products like a bed liner, off-road tires, or a grille guard. The theory is that you have a customer who is already buying, so take the opportunity to sell them even more.

In your dry cleaner, be sure to inform your customers about other services you offer, such as pressing, stain removal, garment delivery, or special-material cleaning. Having these services advertised in the store and communicated by staff will help you up-sell to current customers, making each walk-in and appointment more profitable.

Monitor Your Payroll with a Passion

Every business needs to keep a tight leash on payroll. While you certainly don’t want to be overbearing, you need to make sure that you’re not wasting money on hourly wages that aren’t needed. Continually monitor your payroll so you know that each dollar you are spending benefits your business.

If your dry cleaning business is beginning to grow, you may also need to consider hiring a human resources manager who can help maintain an efficient and profitable payroll.

Manage Your Online Reputation

According to an infographic from the marketing agency Vendasta, there are numerous reasons why you should monitor and manage your online reputation. For example, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while a paltry 14% actually trust advertising. An economic study cited in the infographic found that 25% of a company’s value can be attributed to their online reputation, and another study found that 83% of buyers don’t trust advertising while many still trust online recommendations.

You can slice the numbers however you like, but if you want to bring in more business, you need to manage your online reputation.

Implement Garment Management Systems

With hundreds or even thousands of garments coming through your store, having an effective system for managing everything is crucial. With a garment management platform, you can keep everything organized, which not only makes your process more efficient, it reduces mistakes and can even reduce waiting times.

Lara Garment Management System

The result is happy, loyal customers, which are the foundation for a profitable business.

Keep these tips in mind and you can increase the profitability of each and every dry-cleaning store you own!

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