How to Improve Garment Rack Assembly with LARA

Is your garment rack assembly not living up to your expectations? See how LARA can help you improve assembly so you can save time and money.

Faster and more reliable Garment Rack Assembly

If your dry-cleaning business is struggling with garment rack assembly times or garment management, the LARA system can help improve your daily operations. This can mean greater efficiency and productivity for your company. Even dry cleaners who are running smoothly but want to take their business to the next level of profitability and productivity should consider the LARA system.

What is LARA?

LARA is the fastest and most cost-effective garment-management system for dry cleaners. It’s the latest innovation in dry-cleaning software, allowing cleaners to reduce human error while maintaining rapid assembly times.

All you need to get started with the LARA system is the Enlite app on your phone, a rack for garments, and the patented LARA j-hook hangers.

LARA stands for LED-Assisted Rapid Assembly. It uses hangers, which are similar to coat hangers, that have LED-colored lights near the center. The lights are positioned so they stay visible even when the hanger is holding a piece of clothing, such as a shirt, jacket, or slacks. The bright LED light helps indicate where the specific clothing item should be placed for processing. It also tells you when an order is complete. The LARA garment hanger is made from a sturdy, durable material that will last for years. Although they are strong, they are also flexible, allowing you to adapt the hanger to hold nearly any garment and adapt to any space.

Garment management can be difficult, but with the LARA system, it is surprisingly easy. This system has all the right features, bringing better results for your business…

Benefits of the LARA System

Human Error Reduced

The most important benefit, at least as far as your customers are concerned, is the reduction of human error. Tracking garments across multiple stages can be difficult, and it’s not unheard of for human error to cause misplacements or garments marked as complete when they are still dirty. This can be frustrating for you and infuriating to your customers , as they expect a quality experience from your dry cleaner. While we can’t claim to eliminate all human errors, our system does help reduce a significant portion of these problems.

Quick Assembly

The other benefit of the LARA system is quick assembly, which can help reduce processing times at your business. When garment are assembled faster, you will be able to increase profits and ensure superior results for your customers. Greater efficiency can mean better profits, ensuring excellent profitability for many years.

Easy-to-Use System

As you may have noticed, the LARA system is easy to understand and implement. It has simplified operation processes, clear phases, and convenient indications. This makes training fast and convenient; you can bring new hires up to speed much faster, meaning you’ll spend less money and use less effort simply training your staff. Once again, the LARA system is making your garment rack assembly management more efficient and profitable!

For a free demonstration of the LARA system, contact our team today. We’ll be glad to demonstrate how this innovative technology will make your dry cleaner faster and more profitable!

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