How Dry Cleaners can use Social Media to Grow their Business

Is your dry cleaner or laundry business using social media to reach your customers and grow your business? If not, you should. Here is how.

12 Best Practices to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Social media is changing, but it’s certainly not disappearing. It’s not just a toy for sharing pictures of your favorite foods and smiling children, it’s also a valuable tool that businesses, including dry cleaners, can use to increase their profitability.

When done right, social media is one of the most impactful ways to spread the word on your company, enhancing your potential customer base with every “like,” “share,” and “retweet.”

But social media needs to be handled with care and precision to ensure the best possible results.

Start with the Big Four

There are many social media platforms available today, but to give yourself the best chance to connect with the most people, start with the big four: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While the numbers can change, especially on the global level, these are the four sites that will bring plenty of interaction. LinkedIn is generally the smallest of the large sites, but because it is focused entirely on the business community, it can be a valuable resource for dry cleaners.

Social Media for Dry Cleaners

Remember: Be Social First!

The biggest mistake you can make on social media is to be too aggressive and pushy with your sales messaging. Take your time and be social with other users before flooding your profiles with ads and specials. People come to these sites to interact, so earn their trust and attention before you promote your business.

Images, Images, Images

According to an article from Fast Company, posts with images get 39% more interaction than posts without pictures. We all love visuals, so be sure to add an image with every post to increase interaction and sharing.

Connect with Your Stakeholders

Who are the people who have an interest in the success of your company? Obviously you and your employees; but also chemical wholesalers, equipment technicians, and even the business next door. Connect with anyone who could be remotely considered a “stakeholder” to grow your social media base.

Focus on Being Informative

Establishing your business as a local authority on clothing and dry cleaning will help you bring more attention and engagement. Offer tips and ideas on many different subjects, such as clothing care, proper storage, various fabrics, and repair tips. By establishing your business as an expert, people are more willing to trust you with their favorite clothing.

Encourage Interaction with Offers

If you are having trouble getting interaction, offer deals and discounts for people who share or interact with your social media profiles. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on a dry cleaning order for people who share pictures of themselves in their favorite winter jacket. This would be a great idea to stimulate online interaction and in-person business during the slow post-holiday months.

Adjust the Post to the Platform

Earlier, we discussed the four different social media platforms you’ll want to start with. Remember that each platform is different and you should treat it differently. Facebook allows for longer and more diverse posts than Twitter, while LinkedIn allows you to write full blog articles directly on the platform. And with Instagram, it’s all about the images!

Repurpose for Greater Efficiency

Creating fresh content on a daily basis takes time and mental energy. However, you can increase your efficiency by repurposing content. For example, you can pull quotes from blogs you like (with credit to the original) or you can share notes from a recent presentation. This will make you faster and more efficient with your sharing.

Guide Traffic to Your Money Page

The final goal of your efforts should be to have people come to your site. To do this, make sure all of your content gives your audience the chance to visit your site, including the home page and service pages that may be related to the content you shared.

Post Seasonal Content Related to Clothing

As the seasons change, your posts should change too. In the summer, for example, discuss proper care for swimsuits after swimming in chlorine water. As fall approaches, you could post the best techniques for cleaning a flannel. In winter, talk about cleaning heavy jackets, and in the spring, discuss how to maintain bright colors.

Create Content Related to the Weather

Just like we tailor content seasonally, you can also tailor content to the daily weather. If it’s rainy, mention how to dry and store a rain jacket at the end of the day. If it’s getting cold, remind people to wear gloves and hats. This will give show readers that your social media efforts are human, not robotic repostings.

Create a Planned Schedule for Sharing

If you don’t have a schedule, your efforts could fall flat. Create a schedule for sharing content and you will be more likely to maintain a consistent effort on social media. To start, you can simply schedule one post for each platform per day; as you grow, you can increase your efforts to multiple posts.

With these efforts, you can increase your marketing through social media. When you do it properly and with consistency, you’ll find more interaction and, hopefully, more business!

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