Why Adding a Halloween Theme to your Dry Cleaner can Be Beneficial for your Business

The Spooky Holiday is around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking on some fun marketing strategies for your Dry Cleaner.

Seasonal marketing is one of the many resources a business can count on to leverage on special holidays such as Halloween and attract more traffic to the store, ultimately leading to more sales.

So, with the spookiest month around the corner, it’s time to take advantage of this marketing strategy and start working on it to engage with your current customers and be seen by potential ones, all while having fun simultaneously!

If you are short on ideas, look at these Halloween marketing ideas that you can implement at your Dry Cleaner, so good it’s scary.

Decorate your Business

This idea might be a given, but besides the traditional Halloween ornaments, such as cobwebs, or pumpkins, there are many ways to be creative and spookify your store.

Make a creepy window display, give your lights a Halloween flare, hang banners, or go crazy with skeletons! Also, platforms such as Pinterest come in handy when you need to find imaginative ideas.

If your budget is limited, places such as drugstores offer a range of inexpensive and easy Halloween decor to get into the festive atmosphere.

Create some Deals and Discounts for October 

During Halloween month, run some themed promotions and take this opportunity to increase your customer base. Offering a gift card or discount to the clients who show up in the store wearing a costume on Halloween day can be a great idea. It will encourage them to dress up, everyone will show up in a good mood, and the employees will get a kick out of it too.

Another idea is to refresh promos that have worked in the past and give them a Halloweeny touch. What is certain is that no customer can resist a special discount.

Be a Trick or Treat Stop for Kids

A very simple strategy that will bring foot traffic into your store! Just get a variety of candies that you can hand out and make little branded bags with your store logo, it will make a nice impression among your locals.

Customizing your trick-or-treat bags with your logo works as a subtle reminder of your business around town. And since it’s the night when everyone is out and about, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy to exhibit your dry cleaner’s name without being too obvious.

Dress Up for the Occasion 

Halloween is a great time to let loose and have some fun. So put on a costume and encourage your staff to do the same, it will show your customers that the team gets along and is having fun.

Take some pictures and share them on your corporate social networks, people love this! It shows the human side of the company, something the followers appreciate.

Perhaps not all employees have the same budget to dress up for the part, so make sure they know the idea is to have fun and to get creative with what they´ve got. 

Don’t Forget to Add a Scary Touch to your Digital Media

During October, do a scary digital makeover for your brand. Whether it is your social media, your newsletter, or your website, there are plenty of options that you can do to give a Halloween twist to your online presence.

For this month, E-commerce websites such as Shopify offer Halloween additions that you can use. Change the aesthetics of your digital media to the typical colors of this thematic holiday, such as orange, purple, and black. Put a spiderweb over your logo or surprise your customers with a Halloween-themed newsletter, or as easy as add Halloween stickers to your stories on Instagram.

Adding these marketing actions to your brand online and your brick-and-mortar can lead to higher sales, brand awareness, and most importantly, customer loyalty. 

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