Garment Assembly System:
Essential Features You MUST Have

You need these features to successfully implement a Garment Assembly System..

Garment management systems can be complex. Deciding between one and another can seem like walking through a labyrinth.

Which path is right? Do you know which features you should expect from your GMS?

When you look for specific features, you’ll increase your chances of purchasing a high-quality system that delivers years of effective management for your dry-cleaning business…


In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need computer systems for putting together bills and organizing invoices. But in a complex business like dry cleaning, advanced billing features is essential. This billing should be a part of your garment assembly system, allowing you to organize balances, see current bills, and make sure that you never miss a payment.

The right billing systems should not only allow you to organize balances, it should allow you to conveniently search for customers using many different methods. For example, you should be able to search for a customer by name, but you should also have the option of searching for a customer by payment terms or billing cycle. With innovative billing statements, invoicing, and advanced customization, you’ll be able to make your business more efficient while reducing mistakes and missed payments.

Software Integrations

Modern businesses work with numerous software applications. Just think of your marketing efforts; you’re likely working on numerous platforms such as MailChimp and Salesforce. If you are marketing your dry cleaner online, you are likely operating on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; maybe even LinkedIn. When you install a garment assembly system, you should be able to integrate all of these systems and more.

The best garment assembly systems will be able to connect with the software you are currently using, creating seamless transitions between your marketing efforts, accounting, social media, and more. No matter what software you prefer, the best systems will integrate them smoothly, allowing you to continue operations as needed.

Advanced Invoicing

We already discussed billing, but your garment assembly system should also have advanced invoicing that allows you to handle all your customers’ dry cleaning from one simple, easy-to-understand screen. The invoicing should be easy to organize. For example, a quality GMS will allow you to select from clothing categories that are created and managed by you.

The invoicing should also be customizable so you can create invoices that fit your needs and let you tailor bills to clients or client type. While having unit pricing is important, it should also have manual pricing for greater customization.

Mobile Apps for Customers

The main users of a garment assembly system will be your employees, but you should still have a program that can be directly useful to your customers. For example, your customers should be able to view their open and past orders, receive notifications, and pay for orders directly. (Which can be a substantial boost to your billing efficiency!)

When you offer your customers a mobile app, they should have access to features like promos, discounts, and more. This not only creates happier customers, it can increase the volume of your dry cleaning service, eventually leading to greater profits.

Routing Management

One of the best services you can offer your clients is garment pickup and drop-off. Delivery is an effective tool to increase your customers base and make your company more available to on-the-fence customers. Unfortunately, keeping this service organized can be difficult.

With a high-quality GMS, you can manage your routes and keep everything properly organized. Everything should flow from one screen, yet you should be able to set up as many routes as you need and see which customers are on a specific route, making your delivery service more efficient and profitable.

Amazing Support

We all need some assistance on occasion. While the best garment assembly systems are easy to use, having available support should be part of the system. This feature will give you greater reassurance when purchasing the software, as you’ll know that if you can’t figure something out, support is available to help.

With videos and walkthrough features, the best GMS programs make using the software simple and understandable. However, you should also have the options of calling for assistance when you need it. For example, if you are having trouble implementing the routing management, you should be able to contact someone for help as soon as possible. While email and call services should be available, live chat should also be a feature of your garment assembly system.

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