Are you interested in what has recently been added to Enlite in order to enhance its capabilities and your experience as a user?

Here you’ll find the latest additions to the system. New features, settings, improvements and reports that will help make your life easier:

June 2021

Overview of what changed this month:

New Features: Customer App and Portal

  • A modal to pay for the order

– There is already an option to show a modal to pay for an order right after submitting a pick up request. This is enabled with a setting and applied only when using V4 or V5.

Customer App:

Customer Portal:

  • Items in Version 3

– We have a new setting to prevent the customers from submitting an order with 0 items in v3. The default will be 1 item.

  • Feature to rate the app

– A popping modal will show up after the second pickup request. If the user cancels it will show up again 15 days later.


  • Order details label

We now have an option to change the “CREATED ON” label in order details to “PICK DATE”. Please get in touch with Support if you want to activate this.

Created On:

Pick Date:

– We now have an option to use two lines for the item name in the menu display. This is enabled with a setting.

Customer App:

Customer Portal:

– The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links can now be seen within the app. Before, they were opening in the browser.

  • Racked Invoices in the home screen

– For those stores who don’t run routes, customers can now see the racked invoices in the home screen instead of the “All Orders” button. By default, the text will show “Ready for Pickup”. We can also change the label. This is enabled with a setting.

Map feature

– We can now add a Map feature so your customers can select their location and it will update the address. Please get in touch with Support if you want to activate this.

New Features: Driver’s App

  • Group Filters

– You can now group customers under Company. All customers under the same Company will be under one stop.

Highlight stop when any of the invoices is selected

– A light blue color with the number of invoices selected will now show up if NOT ALL invoices belonging to the customer are selected. A darker blue color shows if they are all selected.


May 2021

Overview of what changed this month:

General: Tracker Settings

– Store owners have now an option to delete the attributes.

General: Billing Settings

– We have a new setting where a different logo can show on the billing statement. (Not the logo that prints on the customer receipt or payment receipt)

Billing Statement:

Customer Receipt:

General: Pick & Pay Settings

– We now have an option to disable the discount option at pick and pay. Once the setting is added, the discount button will be grayed out.

General: Billing Amount Limit

– Once you set the account limit in the billing information section, you will now see a warning that says “customer account limit reached” while detailing the invoice. The amount will be based on the OPEN orders showing in pick and pay.

Customer Walk-in (Billing Information)

In detailing screen

Reports: Customer Notes & Warnings

– We have a new report called Customer Notes and Warnings.

New Features: Customer App and Portal

– We can now add buttons linked to your website or to pictures with information

***Only available in the Login page for branded apps***

  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

– We added Dark’s Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. They can be changed to the customer’s own links, or hidden.

***Can be only hidden or changed in the Login page in Branded apps***

  • Snippet in Profile Page of the Registration

– You can now add a description in the Profile section. All snippets are now just plain (white background, black text). Before, they had the app color.


  • Ability to Delete Account

– Customers can now delete their account in the User Profile.

If they have any open or unpaid orders, they will be prompted to contact the store.

New Features: Driver’s App

  • Ability to Edit Coordinates with Google Maps

– You can now select the customer’s precise location by hitting “Edit Coordinates” in the User Profile.


  • Stop Colors

– You can now categorize the stops of your routes by colors. In order to change or add the colors, you must  go to the User Profile, Edit it, and type the color in, in the Stop Color field.

More Info here:

  • Ability to scan Name Tags

– We can now scan customer tags, and it will select all the customer’s invoices.

April 2021

Overview of what changed this month:

  1. Timecard Settings
  2. Tracker Settings
  3. Garment Report: Garment Tracker by Due Date
  4. Customer Routes
  5. New Features: Customer App and Portal
  6. New Features: Driver’s App

General: Timecard Settings

– We have a new setting that can enable the note in the timecard section. This can be mandatory or not.

Mandatory Notes: You are required to enter a note before you can clock out.

Show Notes: You can clock out even without adding any notes.

General: Tracker Settings

– We have a new setting where after hitting “FINISH” in the tracker section, it will send you back to the main menu instead of sending you back to the tracker attributes menu. In this way, the next employee will be forced to enter their PIN.

Main Menu:

Garment Report: Garment Tracker by Due Date

– This is a new report where you can see the garment tracker by the due date. You can filter it by store, route and tracker item.

Customer Routes

– We can now add a stop color in the customer walk-in section (route modal). This is to categorize the stops within a route by color.

You can add the stop color in the route modal in customer walk-in.

You can see the color in mobile orders and Route Section.

Mobile Orders:

Routes Section:

New Features: Customer App and Portal

  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

– This is a new feature where customers will be forced to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when signing up. It will be also available in the User Profile and in the registration.

In the login screen, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be the ones listed in Dark’s website by default. Stores using Enlite Mobile can only change the link of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy showing in the registration and the user profile.

They will show up in these three screens:

Login Page:


User Profile:

  • Company Field

– We incorporated a new field in the registration and User Profile for the customer to enter their Company name. This field is optional for the user. It’s not mandatory.

  • Order Confirmation Message

-When a new order is created, the app will show a confirmation message in the middle of the home screen, that won’t disappear until the user hits “Ok”, or hits another part of the screen.

  • Discounts added to Promos Page

– The percentage discount is now available in the promos page. The customers will be able to see them only, not apply them.

  • Promos Notice

– We now have an option to display a notice on top of the promos.

  • Warning when disabling the notifications

– Customers’ email and SMS notification are enabled by default. If they disable any of those, we can place a warning. The warning text can be customized.

New Features: Driver’s App

  • Repeat and Group Icon

– All regular customers will be marked with the “repeat” icon, while master accounts will be marked with a “group” icon.

Repeat Icon:

Group Icon: Please note that the group icon will show only when the “group by child account” is enabled in the setting.

  • Add one time stops and sort the stops

– In the invoice selection screen, you can add a one time stop and sort the stops.

Add one time stop:

Sort the stops:

March 2021

General: Notification Setting

– We now have a setting to send the welcome email right after the customer is created in the POS.

Reports: Store and Employees – Employee Activity Log

– We have a new report for employees to show the activity during the period/day.

General: Rack Update

– We can now view the past due orders that are not racked in the invoices not racked summary.

New Setting: Walkin – Customer Routes

– We have a new setting that can enable the one time route option in customer walkin.

Reports: Routes – Mobile Invoices By Customer By Route

– We’ve created a new report to show the mobile invoices. You can filter it by customer and by mobile status.

General: Mobile Orders

– We can now see the employee who created the orders in the mobile orders section


New Setting: Rack Email Notification

– We can now overwrite the email subject in rack email notification.

With the setting

Without the setting

February 2021

General: Walk-in Setting

– The new walk-in setting will check and prevent DUPLICATE emails in the customer info.

General: Billing and Pick & Pay Setting

– Our development team created a new setting where the payment receipt will be emailed right after the payment in pick & pay or in the billing section.

General: Billing Setting

– We now have an option to hide the STORE NAME and STORE ADDRESS on billing statement.

with the setting:

without the setting

New Setting: Print Setting

– We have a new setting to print the customer membership points on customer receipt, quick tickets and invoices.

Customer Receipts


Quick Ticket

Reports:  Sales – Sales by Drop by Item (Garment Summary)

– We can now filter the sales by drop by item report by item types and item categories.

Reports:  Sales – Sales by Drop – by Customer – Summary

– We can now filter this report by customer

New Setting: Walk-in – Customer ID

– When we create a new user, the customer number of the user will be automatically generated.

– You can also search the customer using the customer ID in walk in and pick & pay with the “@” sign before the number. e.q @125856

New Setting: Print Setting

– The “CUSTOMER ID” can now print on Customer Receipt, Quick Ticket, Invoice, Billing Receipt and Invoice Tag.

You can add the Customer ID in customer walk-in.

For the printouts:

Customer Receipt


Quick Ticket





Jan 28th, 2021

New Setting: Print Setting

– We now have a setting to print logos on invoices.

General: Phone label to Mobile Phone label

– We’ve changed the phone label to Mobile Phone label.

Customer walk-in



General: Cashier Update

– You will now see the payment sub type in cashier under transaction details.

New Setting: Walk-in – Show Total Balance

– We now have a setting to show the Total Due of the customer on the walk-in screen.

With the setting

Without the setting

New Setting: Print setting

– We have a setting to show the CURRENT OPEN BALANCE in customer receipt. This is not applicable in master accounts. Please check the example below.

With the setting:

WITHOUT the setting:

New Setting: SMS Rack Notification

– We now have a setting to customize rack SMS notifications.

The default SMS notification being sent is “Your clothes are ready! Invoice:231-1. (Name of the store)”

General: Employee Duplicate PIN

– Our development team updated the system where you CANNOT have the same employee PIN. This is to avoid problems in the cashier session.

This is the error message you will get when you try to enter a PIN that is already used by another employee.

Reports: Customer – Customer w/o Tickets

– We have a new report that will show customers with NO VISIT, meaning no ticket created or picked up/delivered in X amount of time.

Customer – Customer w/o Tickets

Reports: Payments – Payments by Sub Type Summary

– We added a report called Payments by sub type summary

Reports: Customers – New Customers (Mobile or Portal)

– We have a new report that will show all customers who registered in the app or in the portal. It will also show the date when they registered.

General: Void Ticket

– For tickets that have been voided, you can now clearly see because the word “VOID” is shown on the invoice.

Reports:  Tickets – All Ticket List (Route Only)

– We added a new report called “All Tickets List – Routes Only”.

New Setting: Issue Store Credit

– We now have a setting to hide the “ISSUE STORE CREDIT” by role. For example, if you don’t like your employee to access the issue store credit button, please let us know so we can enable the setting.

New Setting: Required log after changing the invoice

– The user will be required to save a log with a reason for the change on the invoice.

New Feature: Gift Card

– Gift Card Feature is now available. Please read all the details here: Gift Cards 

Reports: Routes – Routes Open Invoices by Drop

– You can now filter the customer and route in this report.

Reports: Invoices – Invoices Pending Pickup

– We added the customer filter, due and totals in this report.

Customer filter

Due and Total

Reports: Cashier Periods – Cashier Period w/ Customers

We’ve added the customer name, billing and routes in the cashier period report – cashier period w/ customers.

Reports: Sales – Sales by Drop by Station and Employee

We have a new report in sales called “Sales by Drop by Station and Employee”. You can filter the report by employee.

Employee Filter

Sales By Drop by Station and Employee

Reports: Payment – All Audit Logs

We created a new report in payment called “All Audit Logs”. This report will show the information of the payment that was processed thru pick and pay or billing. It will also show the details if the payment was successfully processed or not.

New Setting: Auto Split Button in the Manual Modal

We have a new setting to show the Auto-Split button in the manual modal. The system will organize the invoices.

New Setting: 12-hr format in timecard

We can now support a 12-hour format in Timecard.

Reports: Invoices 

We added the following report under INVOICES.

A.  Invoices not Racked Routes Only

B. Invoices Pending Pickup Routes Only

C. Invoices On Rack Routes Only

D. Invoices Pending Pickup

Reports: Payments – Payment by Type Void & Lost

You can now see in reports the voided and lost invoices. This is under Payments – Payment by type Void & Lost

New Setting: Racking Email 

We now have a setting to overwrite the racking email.

New Setting: Redirect After Print

– Our development team created a setting to redirect you to either in customer, walk-in or menu screen after printing the receipt in pick and pay. Below is the example of page that you will see after you print if the setting is enabled. You only need to select ONE of the following.

A. Customer

B. Walk-in


D. FALSE (NO DIRECT) – It will stay in pick and pay screen after you click print receipt.

General: Ticket Manager Back Button

– We created a new button in the ticket manager called “ALL TICKETS”. This will help us check the other tickets under the same customer without typing in the name of the customer in the search field.

General: Mobile Orders

 We added the boxes for ticket and invoice notes so we can edit them from here;

New Setting: Rounding Issue – Billing and Invoices

– If the setting is enabled, it will not apply rounding during the calculation of the tax.

Reports: Invoices – Garment in Store

– The report “GARMENT IN STORE” under invoices has now the tracker filter, due and total due

Tracker Filter

Garment In Store

General: Ticket Manager Improvement

–  You will now see the following in the ticket manager (invoice details).

Void At, Voided By, Lost At and Lost by

General: Mobile Orders

– We can now filter by mobile status.

New Setting: Print Setting to hide Due Date and Drop Date from Quick Tickets

– We now have a setting to hide the DUE DATE and DROP DATE from quick tickets. Before the update, this setting is only hiding the dates from the customer receipt.

WITHOUT the setting

WITH the setting

Reports: Invoices

– We’ve added the mobile phone number on the following report under INVOICES:

a. Invoices On Rack

b. Invoices On Rack – Routes Only

c. Invoices On Rack – Without Route

Reports: Invoice – Invoices Per Hour

– We have a new report under INVOICES called INVOICES PER HOUR


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