Are you interested in what has recently been added to Enlite in order to enhance its capabilities and your experience as a user?

Here you’ll find the latest additions to the system. New features, settings, improvements and reports that will help make your life easier:

February 2021

General: Walk-in Setting

– The new walk-in setting will check and prevent DUPLICATE emails in the customer info.

General: Billing and Pick & Pay Setting

– Our development team created a new setting where the payment receipt will be emailed right after the payment in pick & pay or in the billing section.

General: Billing Setting

– We now have an option to hide the STORE NAME and STORE ADDRESS on billing statement.

with the setting:

without the setting

New Setting: Print Setting

– We have a new setting to print the customer membership points on customer receipt, quick tickets and invoices.

Customer Receipts


Quick Ticket

Reports:  Sales – Sales by Drop by Item (Garment Summary)

– We can now filter the sales by drop by item report by item types and item categories.

Reports:  Sales – Sales by Drop – by Customer – Summary

– We can now filter this report by customer

New Setting: Walk-in – Customer ID

– When we create a new user, the customer number of the user will be automatically generated.

– You can also search the customer using the customer ID in walk in and pick & pay with the “@” sign before the number. e.q @125856

New Setting: Print Setting

– The “CUSTOMER ID” can now print on Customer Receipt, Quick Ticket, Invoice, Billing Receipt and Invoice Tag.

You can add the Customer ID in customer walk-in.

For the printouts:

Customer Receipt


Quick Ticket





Jan 28th, 2021

New Setting: Print Setting

– We now have a setting to print logos on invoices.

General: Phone label to Mobile Phone label

– We’ve changed the phone label to Mobile Phone label.

Customer walk-in



General: Cashier Update

– You will now see the payment sub type in cashier under transaction details.

New Setting: Walk-in – Show Total Balance

– We now have a setting to show the Total Due of the customer on the walk-in screen.

With the setting

Without the setting

New Setting: Print setting

– We have a setting to show the CURRENT OPEN BALANCE in customer receipt. This is not applicable in master accounts. Please check the example below.

With the setting:

WITHOUT the setting:

New Setting: SMS Rack Notification

– We now have a setting to customize rack SMS notifications.

The default SMS notification being sent is “Your clothes are ready! Invoice:231-1. (Name of the store)”

General: Employee Duplicate PIN

– Our development team updated the system where you CANNOT have the same employee PIN. This is to avoid problems in the cashier session.

This is the error message you will get when you try to enter a PIN that is already used by another employee.

Reports: Customer – Customer w/o Tickets

– We have a new report that will show customers with NO VISIT, meaning no ticket created or picked up/delivered in X amount of time.

Customer – Customer w/o Tickets

Reports: Payments – Payments by Sub Type Summary

– We added a report called Payments by sub type summary

Reports: Customers – New Customers (Mobile or Portal)

– We have a new report that will show all customers who registered in the app or in the portal. It will also show the date when they registered.

General: Void Ticket

– For tickets that have been voided, you can now clearly see because the word “VOID” is shown on the invoice.

Reports:  Tickets – All Ticket List (Route Only)

– We added a new report called “All Tickets List – Routes Only”.

New Setting: Issue Store Credit

– We now have a setting to hide the “ISSUE STORE CREDIT” by role. For example, if you don’t like your employee to access the issue store credit button, please let us know so we can enable the setting.

New Setting: Required log after changing the invoice

– The user will be required to save a log with a reason for the change on the invoice.

New Feature: Gift Card

– Gift Card Feature is now available. Please read all the details here: Gift Cards 

Reports: Routes – Routes Open Invoices by Drop

– You can now filter the customer and route in this report.

Reports: Invoices – Invoices Pending Pickup

– We added the customer filter, due and totals in this report.

Customer filter

Due and Total

Reports: Cashier Periods – Cashier Period w/ Customers

We’ve added the customer name, billing and routes in the cashier period report – cashier period w/ customers.

Reports: Sales – Sales by Drop by Station and Employee

We have a new report in sales called “Sales by Drop by Station and Employee”. You can filter the report by employee.

Employee Filter

Sales By Drop by Station and Employee

Reports: Payment – All Audit Logs

We created a new report in payment called “All Audit Logs”. This report will show the information of the payment that was processed thru pick and pay or billing. It will also show the details if the payment was successfully processed or not.

New Setting: Auto Split Button in the Manual Modal

We have a new setting to show the Auto-Split button in the manual modal. The system will organize the invoices.

New Setting: 12-hr format in timecard

We can now support a 12-hour format in Timecard.

Reports: Invoices 

We added the following report under INVOICES.

A.  Invoices not Racked Routes Only

B. Invoices Pending Pickup Routes Only

C. Invoices On Rack Routes Only

D. Invoices Pending Pickup

Reports: Payments – Payment by Type Void & Lost

You can now see in reports the voided and lost invoices. This is under Payments – Payment by type Void & Lost

New Setting: Racking Email 

We now have a setting to overwrite the racking email.

New Setting: Redirect After Print

– Our development team created a setting to redirect you to either in customer, walk-in or menu screen after printing the receipt in pick and pay. Below is the example of page that you will see after you print if the setting is enabled. You only need to select ONE of the following.

A. Customer

B. Walk-in


D. FALSE (NO DIRECT) – It will stay in pick and pay screen after you click print receipt.

General: Ticket Manager Back Button

– We created a new button in the ticket manager called “ALL TICKETS”. This will help us check the other tickets under the same customer without typing in the name of the customer in the search field.

General: Mobile Orders

 We added the boxes for ticket and invoice notes so we can edit them from here;

New Setting: Rounding Issue – Billing and Invoices

– If the setting is enabled, it will not apply rounding during the calculation of the tax.

Reports: Invoices – Garment in Store

– The report “GARMENT IN STORE” under invoices has now the tracker filter, due and total due

Tracker Filter

Garment In Store

General: Ticket Manager Improvement

–  You will now see the following in the ticket manager (invoice details).

Void At, Voided By, Lost At and Lost by

General: Mobile Orders

– We can now filter by mobile status.

New Setting: Print Setting to hide Due Date and Drop Date from Quick Tickets

– We now have a setting to hide the DUE DATE and DROP DATE from quick tickets. Before the update, this setting is only hiding the dates from the customer receipt.

WITHOUT the setting

WITH the setting

Reports: Invoices

– We’ve added the mobile phone number on the following report under INVOICES:

a. Invoices On Rack

b. Invoices On Rack – Routes Only

c. Invoices On Rack – Without Route

Reports: Invoice – Invoices Per Hour

– We have a new report under INVOICES called INVOICES PER HOUR


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