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POS software should never be a one-size fits all solution. Every industry, every market and every customer has unique requirements and demands from their POS solution. For this reason, DARK has built its reputation on creating POS software directed toward specific industries in a flexible modular fashion that tailors to each market and client’s needs.

Here are some of the main features of Enlite POS, a flexible POS solution designed and built specifically for dry cleaners:

Modular Architecture

A one-size fits all solutions rarely yield desired results. Enlite’s modular architecture allows you to customize the platform to best serve your business needs. Only pay for what you use and easily incorporate modules as your business grows.

Patented Assembly LED System

Enlite’s innovative Assembly LED system will cut in half the time it takes for your team to assemble orders. Simply scan the invoice or garment and place it in an Assembly slot. As you scan additional items LEDs will illuminate to indicate in which Assembly slot the garments belong and will notify in different colors when orders are complete and ready to be racked.

LARA Assembly system

Save time and money not only in reducing Assembly time but also by minimizing errors and re-work resulting from missing garments and garments delivered to the incorrect customers.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create and manage your own loyalty program or leverage our partners to integrate with a global loyalty and reward platform.

Treat your valued customers to exciting prizes and rewards that would be difficult or impossible to obtain on your own.

Customer Mobile App

Customers no longer need to call to check the status of their order. The app allows them to see where in the process their pieces are, as well when they are racked and ready for pickup. Allow your customers to view and pay invoices from their mobile phones and enable them to request pick-ups or deliveries for their orders.

Pickup/Delivery Routing & Driver Mobile App

Get real-time information regarding where your drivers are on their routes. Empower drivers to collect payments and print invoices with their tablets or mobile phones. Add pick-ups to your driver’s route on the fly, the changes will be instantly visible in the Driver app.

Custom Websites

Don’t have an online presence? Reach out to us for a branded custom website with your company information and the new online services your Enlite solution offers your customers. Including the customer portal for your clients to schedule pickups, view and pay invoices, email and SMS notifications, etc.


If you don’t have your own touchscreens or tablets, or just feel it’s time for an upgrade. Dark offers a variety of stylish and affordable touchscreen stations, tablets and printers guaranteed to seamlessly run the Enlite platform.

As you can see, more than just a POS software, Dark POS products streamline and facilitate the operation of your business to benefit customers and owners alike. If you would like to have a demo or learn more about how Dark POS can improve your business, contact us at [email protected] or calling +1 404-996-0336 (US) or +44 203-807-4601 (UK).


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