4 Reasons to Enter
Dry Cleaning Delivery Business.

You could be missing out on huge profits by not offering this service. Here are four reasons you should.

Is delivery a good fit for your business?

Dry cleaning customers are not always able to make it to your store. Some are simply too busy during the week to drive across town, drop off the clothes, then pick them up next week. In many large metropolitan areas, some customers simply don’t have their own vehicles, and they’re not about to drag their clothes with them on public transportation, then walk ten blocks to your location.

More and more people are looking to have dry cleaning delivered. In the past, you probably had to admit that these customers were unreachable.

However, more and more dry cleaning businesses are taking advantage of routing and delivery. Unfortunately, managing customers on these routes can be a complex process, and it’s all too easy to get orders mixed up or to completely pass over certain customers.

With the right management technology, however, it can be a lot easier and much more consistent.

But first, you need to understand the benefits of dry clean routing and delivery…

Allows You to Serve Customers That You Might Not Get Otherwise

When you implement dry cleaning home delivery into your business, you’ll be able to attract customers that might otherwise be unavailable to your company. As we discussed above, some customers simply don’t have the means or the time to utilize your services. A delivery service backed by a secure management system removes this barrier.

With a delivery service, no matter what your customer’s situation, you can offer them your dry cleaning services with less hassle and enhanced convenience, bringing in more customers and increasing your overall profitability.

Has the Potential to Increase Customer Retention

You’ll also increase the chances that a customer will be happy with your business. When you deliver their clean laundry in an efficient and effective manner, they will be far more satisfied with your services. They’ll recognize the quality of your business and come to appreciate your work. This can mean greater customer potential, and when happy customers talk to their friends and family, you may gain more business. The increased customer happiness can also lead to better online reviews, a crucial component in today’s business world.

Consistent Patronage

Depending on your customer base and the system you implement, you may be able to have regularly-scheduled dry cleaning routes for your business. This can be incredibly useful for your business, as you’ll essentially know exactly how much income you’ll generate from month to month.

Without delivery and routing, forecasting can become difficult; after all, the earnings of your business are entirely dependent on the whims of your customers. However, with monthly or weekly routes, you can know exactly how many customers you will have, creating better organization and forecasting for your business.

Could Increase Overall Efficiency

When you implement an organized digital system into your delivery and routing, you can increase the overall efficiencies of your business. This means you can reduce wasted time, create highly efficient routes, and get the most from every trip. With the right system, your efficiencies increase, which helps you create a better, more profitable business.

dry cleaning delivery business

Learn More About  Routing and Delivery Software

You can get the most from your delivery efforts by implementing the right software into your business. Contact us today to learn how your company can benefit from our services.

We offer features that include turn-by-turn navigation, route manifests and reporting, wireless printing for drivers, and payment processing for deliveries, including credit card payments. With a dedicated POS and all the features that dry cleaners prefer, our software helps you keep every garment and customer properly organized. You can set up routes, manage customers, and more, all with an easy-to-use system for your business.

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