7 Top Factors When Buying Dry Cleaners Computer System

The right dry cleaners computer system, tailored specifically to your needs—streamlines operations, eliminates mistakes and boosts productivity and efficiency. Use these 7 tips to pick the best dry cleaners computer system for your business.

Managing a dry-cleaners’ is a “dirty” business. The hours are long, the margins slim, and the cleaning process often trying. Then there are the customers. Some can be quite impatient when they don’t get what they want.

At times, it feels like everything is spinning out of control. If only there were a way you could regain control of your business. Well, there is—and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to implement.

Installing a cloud-based POS solution can be just what the doctor ordered. The right dry cleaning POS solution, tailored specifically to your needs—streamlines operations, eliminates mistakes and boosts productivity and efficiency. and engagement and loyalty.

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More importantly, it dramatically cuts operating costs and increases customer profitability—all while providing a healthy return on investment.

According to Intuit market research, using an affordable, integrated POS system can help retailers with revenues of $300,000 cut costs by about 10 percent, saving an average of $30,000 a year.  That’s not a bad ROI for the money invested.

Ironing Out All the Wrinkles

But choosing the right dry cleaners computer system solution can get confusing. Dozens of systems exist, with many of them offering a full slate of features and smart tools. With so many POS solutions to choose from—selecting the right one is no easy task—especially if you’ve never used one.

To help simplify things, we’ve listed the seven top considerations when choosing a POS solution that’s right for your business:

  1. Industry-specific — While many solutions exist, you want one that’s tailored specifically to dry-cleaning. You also want one that’s proven. Industry-specific POS solutions offer features designed specifically for dry cleaners, like barcoded garments, and optimize all your operation’s functions. Just make sure it provides third-party integration with other software, like QuickBooks or Freshbooks, to help you meet the ever-changing demands of customers and your business.
  2. Customer service — Your top goal as a business is to create epic customer experiences even when things get hectic. So, look for a solution that offers customer-oriented features like quick ticket options, setting preferences for customers, and integration of loyalty programs. You also want a solution that not only integrates with top payment processors but also offers customer conveniences, like making payments using a mobile app.
  3. Scalability — If you’re like many small business owners or managers, you want to grow your business. Or, you already have multiple locations and maybe adding more. Scalability is critical, so look for a POS solution that’s designed to grow with you as your business grows and can help you manage things from the same dashboard. You also want a solution that lets you make changes and updates to your systems all at once.
  4. Easy to learn/use — High employee turnover is not uncommon in the dry-cleaning industry, so you want a system that’s built for usability. One key feature that’s a must is an intuitive user interface. You also want a solution one that allows you to train new hires easily, easy for them to learn, and a snap to install and set up, saving you time and money.
  5. System requirements — Some POS solutions install easily on existing systems. Others require you to buy extra hardware, like an iPad or a laptop. Check your system carefully and write down each brand and model. Then compare the items on the list to the solution’s operating requirements. Make sure the POS solution you choose is compatible with the hardware and software on your system.
  6. Technical support — Hopefully, you won’t need it often. But when you do, you want a solution that offers the best possible experience, like a video tutorial library, a knowledge base, excellent responsiveness, and savvy technicians, as well as phone, email, and live-chat capabilities.
  7. Return on investment — Like any piece of equipment you buy, you want something whose value far outweighs its cost long-term. Consider not only what it’s going to cost you up front to buy the solution, but also its ability to hold value for your business. If it’s a cloud-based solution, it could save you the cost of a major upgrade later on.

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Other considerations when choosing a POS solution include security, routing and delivery, and marketing, like CRM, emailing, and SMS messaging. Also, take advantage of the videos and live demos many systems providers offer before selecting as well as any free trial offers.

Choosing the right POS solution—one that fits your exacts needs—is a challenge. But you can beat this challenge by keeping our seven considerations in mind. Installing a POS solution meets your needs puts you in control of your business without breaking your budget.

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