7 Profit-Building Dry Cleaner Services
to Skyrocket Your Business

Increase your earning potential by implement just one of these 7 additional laundry and dry cleaner services.

Add one of these cleaning services to build profits

As a dry cleaner, you have a very specialized and narrow business. One of the challenges you face is to broaden your business in an attempt to make your dry cleaner services as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

Fortunately, there are many services that you can add. While some are easier to implement than others, they all have the potential to enhance your success!

  1. Garment Repair

People who bring their garments to your business will need all sorts of repairs. From mending tears to repairing zippers and buttons, you can make a lot of extra sales by simply adding basic repair services to your menu. While it may take resources to invest in the tools and materials you’ll need to complete repairs, this can be an important value-adding addition to your business.

  1. De-Pilling

“Pilling” is little balls of lint that develop on sweaters and, on occasion, shirts, jean, and other garments. Pilling not only makes clothing look dirty, it makes it look old and worn out. However, if you offer de-pilling, you can solve a common garment problem for your customers. Pilling can be removed with a few different tools, including scissors, disposable razors, and other relatively-cheap items.

  1. Garment Pickup and Delivery

Garment delivery can be an extremely profitable addition to your business, so if you are looking for a new way to increase your customer base, adding delivery services could be right. This is obviously a large investment (far more than adding simple garment repairs) so think long and hard before you make the financial leap of adding delivery.

  1. Alterations

While this service is similar to repairs, it is slightly different. If someone needs the waist brought in on a pair of slack, or the arms shortened on a formal shirt, they can turn to you for these services. While you obviously won’t be doing significant alterations like a tailor, you can add the basics like letting out dresses, tapering unlined pant legs, or hemming skirts.

  1. Strong Odor Removal

It may be rare, but you could land the occasional customer who need to have odors removed from their garments. Basic washing or dry cleaning may not be able to accomplish the goal, but if you have specialized odor-removal services, you could remove the problem while maintaining the quality and strength of the garment.

  1. Shoe Care

There aren’t a lot of cobblers left in the world. For the most part, simple shoe repair and basic cleaning is all that’s needed. Bringing in services such as shoe-shining, sole repair, heel replacement, or leather care can be a boost to your customer base. Dress shoes are an obvious match for formal attire, so you could have a lot of customers who use this service. Read this article to learn how you can start a shoe repair business.

  1. Leather Cleaning

People who have leather items of any type, including jackets and even purses, understand the value of specialized cleaning. By adding this service, you may be able to tap into a lucrative section of the business that brings in people who are particular about their garments and willing to pay high dollar for the best care!

Adding these services will expand your potential business and increase your chances of long-term success. These are excellent additions to any dry cleaner services, and could help you become the local leader in your industry.

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