Dry Cleaner Marketing: Checklist for Success

How to increase dry cleaning sales? How to develop a digital marketing plan for a dry cleaning business? How do I create a dry cleaners marketing strategy? Which should be your digital marketing tactics?

Social media. Search engine optimization. Blogging. This list goes on and on.

In today’s digital world, it can be difficult to keep up with all the various areas of a dry cleaner marketing strategy. 20 years ago, when traditional marketing was all we had, you could run newspaper ads and a few radio commercials and you were all set. Now you need to go online, and that means utilizing dozens of different areas for your marketing efforts.

Fortunately, we’ve created a checklist that helps you cover the most essential areas for your online marketing.

Create Your Website

The first step is to create your website. What you need to consider with your website is how it will fit into your overall online marketing strategy. What do you want people to able to accomplish on your site? Do you want them to find your contact information or sign up for a newsletter or take orders?

Whatever ever your goal is for your visitors, make it easy.

For most dry cleaners, to get started, a simple, basic website will do. Make sure it looks clean and neat and provides all the basic information your customers need, including location, hours, specific services, and contact information.

With time, look for opportunities to improve your website based on the needs or your visitors. Wouldn’t it be great for your customers to manage their order online? We can help you to make an amazing website with all you need, just schedule a demo!

Local SEO

As you create your site, remember to focus on local search engine optimization (Local SEO).

What is – Local Search Engine Optimization – SEO?

Simply, Local SEO is optimizing your online presence so people in your local area can easily find you.

For example, when you search “Atlanta Dry Cleaner”, these are the results.

Don’t you want your business to appear at the top of these search results?

That is where local SEO comes in.

For the most part, local SEO is not difficult to do. But it is time-consuming.

If you are a DIY kind of person, check out these post to get you started:


Be sure to include a blog component on your site. This is beneficial for SEO and can become useful when you create your digital media profiles.

Where should you write about? Here are a couple blog posts that will give you plenty of ideas to develop your dry cleaning business blog:

If you were to follow one rule when blogging, it would be this, don’t sell – create value for your readers.

Claim Your Business on Google

Google has a process that allows owners or managers to “claim” their business. You’ll need to create a Google My Business listing, which will allow you to manage how your business appears on Google and Google Maps.

  • How do you claim your business on Google? Go here.
  • How do you optimize your Google business listing? Go here.

Grow Your Audience with Social Media

Now you are ready for social media. For some, social media is easy. For others, it can be overwhelming. The recommendation, have a plan. 

You don’t need to be on every social platform that exists. Start by discovering where your target audience hangs out online and focus on those social sites.

Here are is a link to help you to get started.


Start with the most important one: Facebook. Create your profile as a business and start communicating with the community. (Hint: Avoid being too focused on sales pitches when you begin with social media.)


In our August, 2019 Newsletter we did a monographic about Instagram! Have a look and follow the steps to get an amazing account so everybody in your town knows you!


You should also create your Twitter account. To be successful on Twitter requires you remain active and engaged with the community.

Here are several quality pages to help get you started:

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


This is the social media focused on the business community. It may not be as important for communicating with customers but could be an opportunity to build relationships with vendors, associations, and other dry-cleaning professionals. At a minimum, it can help you create a respected professional presence online.


This is a great site to share images of your business, machines, and cleaning results. Create a profile and share some “before-and-after” images of clothing that has come to your store. (With permission from the customer, of course.)

Mobile Apps

Of course, Mobile Marketing is also important! Studies show that the average American checks his or her phone every 12 minutes!

With Enlite POS a mobile app for your customers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Bring your Dry cleaner to your customers with unparalleled access to your services from their mobile device. Your customers will able to:

  • View their open and past orders. 
  • Receive push notifications regarding order status. 
  • Pay for orders directly on the app.

Easy access to one or multiple stores

The Enlite customer mobile app doesn’t limit you or your customers to a single store. Allow your customers to choose which location is most convenient for them at any given time.

Make it your own!

The Enlite POS customer mobile app is a white label product. Change the colors, add your logo and make it completely yours. Contact us to see how we can customize the colors and look of the application so that your customers can identify you!

Add Social Networking Widgets

On your site, you should have the ability to create social media widgets, which are essentially fast links to your social media profiles. Create widgets that go to all of your profiles, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Encourage reviews

Encourage customers to leave reviews of your business on the major sites, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Potential customers love to see positive information, and reviews can lead to better turnover rates for new leads. 

When you deliver excellent results, customers will be happy to write a glowing review. (Warning: NEVER write your own or pay someone to write reviews. This is a dishonest practice that will look very bad when the truth comes out.)

Optimized Landing Pages

This is a more advanced step, but it can help you enhance your SEO results. Create landing pages that focus on specific keywords and towns or neighborhoods. Be sure that each landing page has a quality call-to-action.

Email campaigns

Throughout your business and advertising efforts, ask for emails from customers. When you have a good list, you can start emailing special offers and discounts for your services.

Besides asking for customers emails, there are other tactics you can use to grow your email list. This blog on HubSpot will give you some ideas on how to grow your email list.

If email marketing is new to you, check out these articles from several top marketing firms.


If you go through this online marketing checklist, you’ll have the foundation for an excellent digital presence. Combined with great service and high-quality cleaning, this can lead to a productive and profitable dry cleaner!

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