How to Boost the Customer Experience at Your Dry Cleaner

It is 7x more expensive for companies to attract new customers than to keep existing customers. Read this post to see what you can do to keep customers coming back.

The customer experience is crucial to attracting and maintaining a steady income base.

With these tips, you’ll not only have an excellent reputation, which brings in new customers, you’ll also have the right organization for delivering superb experiences to every customer who contacts your business!


Use Technology for Customer Service

While dry cleaning may not seem (from the outside at least) like a high-tech business, this industry is dependent on new technologies to enhance the customer experience. During customer interactions, you can use technologies like garment management systems, which allow you to stay organized, reducing the chances of mistakes that could harm a customer’s experience.

The LARA garment management system, for example, helps you cut assembly times and minimize human error. It brings together cloud technology, a computing software, and tagging systems to ensure that each garment is ready when the customer needs it, which is the foundation of a quality customer experience in the dry-cleaning industry.

Connect with Your Customers across Multiple Channels

People are connected through multiple technologies and websites, and while connecting with each person on every platform is virtually impossible, you should make every effort to connect with your customers across multiple channels.

Facebook is one of the most obvious channels for customer connections, as it has more users than any other social media. However, you can also connect with people on Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest, and LinkedIn, just to name a few.

You should also ensure that your outward communication is able to reach people on multiple devices (including tablets, computers, and phones), not just different sites.


Align Services with Marketing (and Vice Versa)

If you are going to have a successful business, you have to meet the expectations of your customers. If your marketing and services are misaligned, it means customers have mistaken expectations for what they will receive from your company.

Let’s apply this to an important factor in dry cleaning: turnaround time. Every customer wants their garments cleaned and returned as quickly as possible, so many dry-cleaning businesses will advertise services for 24-hour or two-day turnarounds. If you advertise these time frames, you must meet deadlines. Customers are usually comfortable waiting a few days for their clothing, but if you tell them you can have it done in one day, it MUST be done in one day!

Create Staff Roles and Responsibilities for Customer Experience

It can be hard to plan, organize, and execute the customer experience, especially when you are responsible for keeping the books, ordering supplies, fixing equipment, hiring employees, and performing all the other essential tasks.

Consider placing a trusted staff member, preferably one with management experience (or potential) in charge of coordinating the customer experience. Also, update your team’s roles and responsibilities to reflect a focus on the experience of customers, not just the completion of orders.

Create a Superior Customer Experience with Garment Management

With these tips, you can have a business that gives customers an outstanding experience. They will not only return to your dry cleaner, they will tell all their friends (in person and online) about your company. With loyal, word-spreading customers, your dry cleaner will have a better chance at long-term success.

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