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Are you interested in what has recently been added to Enlite in order to enhance its capabilities and your experience as a user? Here you’ll find the latest additions to the system. New features, settings, improvements, and reports that will help make your life easier: July 2022 Overview of what changed this month: General: Invoice […]


Enlite Mobile’s New Look is Here! We are very excited to announce you that, in January we will be launching to the app stores a new update of your customer’s app and web portal. Amongst some new features and fixes, it includes a new design for a clear interface and a modern look. It will […]


Welcome to The Enlite Experience, the most recent addition to the Enlite Blog! The Enlite Experience will present real-life conversations, where customers will share their experiences with the system and its products, the service they receive, and the teams they interact with on a regular basis. Please join us as we discuss all things Enlite […]

Best 5 Strategies to Increase Organic Search Traffic

Growing your local business is incredibly important to its success. You want to reach as many customers as possible. While you may have a physical location, what do you online is still important. Your business should have a website to provide potential customers with your contact information, the services you offer, testimonials and more. Unfortunately, […]

How to make money from events for your dry cleaner

Food and wine festivals. Music venues. Block parties. Local events go on all the time in neighborhoods, towns, and cities. You probably attend your fair share of these events every year. Like many enterprising dry cleaner owners and managers, you’ve probably wondered how you can make money from these events. Make no mistake. Local events […]

How to plan and manage time to boost productivity

How well do you plan and manage time at your cleaner?   If you’re like many owners and managers, you probably don’t handle time well or not as well as you would like.     That means you—and your staff—aren’t as productive as you could be.   It also means you’re not as profitable as […]

How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising to Grow Your Dry Cleaner

Is your dry cleaner business growing? If it’s not, it’s dying. That’s what experts say. It’s dying. Companies that grow, however, survive long-term. They also retain good employees, create new jobs, and enhance competitiveness. More importantly, they boost profitability and increase their chances of flourishing long-term. But growing a dry-cleaning business is a challenge. There […]

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