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9-Steps to Launch a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a lucrative business opportunity, starting a mobile dry-cleaning business is just what the doctor ordered. It fills a specific need, doesn’t cost a lot to launch as a business, and saves consumers time and money.  Its growing popularity comes from the need for people to get more things done […]

Green Dry Cleaning Protects Environment and Boosts Profits

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. But if you’re using the traditional dry-cleaning method in your business, you could be harming the environment. That’s because the method uses a harsh, carcinogenic chemical that harms the environment. Going green at your business, however, helps protect the environment while still serving your customers well. Going […]

Is Investing in a Franchise a Good Move?

Let’s face it. Operating a retail franchise these days is no cake walk. Just ask anyone that owns a McDonald’s, a Burger King, or a Hilton Hotel. These franchises don’t run themselves. Owners must put in long hours and a lot of hard work to keep them going. But retail franchises are profitable under the […]