Advantages of having a web page and connecting it to a web portal

Getting global exposure is just one click away.

Having a business website is no longer a luxury only the biggest companies can afford: now it’s a priority for any business out there. Traditional advertisements are not the only way, (or the most effective one) to engage with your customers, and only having a Facebook page is no longer enough if you want to look professional in your area.

Imagine this: 88% of the users who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a related store within a week (source: Google).

If this information is not enough, we’re here to show you the benefits of having a web page:


You develop a strong brand identity for your business: 

It’s the first thing people see when they search for you on the internet, and having your own domain will be seen as being a strong and trustable competitor in your field. 

Reach new markets 

You can reach new and global customers without putting the extra dollars in marketing, and it’s the easiest way for your store to be seen, because, with just one keyword on Google, they will find you within seconds, no matter if they are in India or Ecuador.

It shows a more professional and credible image of your business

In 2022, customers, suppliers, and employees expect companies to be up-to-date with technology and one of the things that show credibility is having your own domain.

Think of it as having your name listed on the yellow pages of the Internet: if you’re not there, you are telling the world you still haven’t adapted to current times, making you look outdated.

Promote your services 

Millions of internet users compare businesses before finally choosing a specialized service. Websites are great to show everything you have to offer and be competitive with other brands.

Increase your sales 

Having a website is like having a store open 24/7, which makes you accessible for your clients or potential customers at any time, from anywhere. Imagine how great it is that you can generate leads and make sales while being closed!


On the other hand, there are also web portals. 

Although they sound very similar, web portals have some distinct differences from the websites, and they can be also good for your business, here’s why:

Improve communication in the workplace

Intranet web portals can be used by managers and employees to check relevant information like meetings and working schedules.

You can share valuable data while still being private 

With a B2B Web Portal, you can feel safe to share documents, tools, and other vital information because it would require authentication from the users to reach out to the content it holds. 

Create personalized experiences

A web portal provides a personalized user experience with customized data to develop stronger relationships between your clients and your business. 

Nowadays, you don’t even need to go out there and search for customers, when they can just easily find you thanks to a website or a web portal. You only need to take the opportunity internet is giving out to you. 

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